the revenant tamil dubbed movie download

the revenant tamil dubbed movie download
the revenant tamil dubbed movie download

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the revenant movie story?

this movie teaches us one very important lesson folks and that is Leonardo DiCaprio is impervious to hypothermia please his character is in this movie holy

I look cold the revenant finally so the revenant a new movie directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu came out in 2015 around Christmas normal folk like me we get to watch it now this movie takes place in the 1800s DiCaprio is out there with a crew of people gathering pelts their hunting game and getting their pelts because there’s big money in that and then a big huge grizzly bear attacks the

the revenant tamil dubbed movie download
the revenant tamil dubbed movie download

out of him great Saint I mean it’s a disturbing scene but oh my god that was just intense in the sense that it’s real looking doesn’t I can say about a lot of this movie a lot of it looked so real you almost feel bad for watching you for entertainment sake you’re like I feel uncomfortable because it looks that real so he’s clinging on to life but Tom Hardy’s like we should finish him off

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quick so Tom Hardy kills DiCaprio son leaves DiCaprio for dead only thing DiCaprio didn’t die so now he is crawling through the wilderness to come after Tom Hardy and hopefully kill him yeah this movies an interesting one man this is one of the few times when I’m reviewing a movie I want to call it a film as it to terms to describe the same thing really but for somebody I was watching this movie I was like this is a film for the art of film and in that you got to know

what you’re getting into for this movie I mean if your friend describes this movies like oh yeah man like DiCaprio and Tom Hardy tries to kill him but he doesn’t kill them and so DiCaprio is coming after him it’s like revenge movie man revenge in the wilderness of the 1800s yeah that’s kind of the flyby synopsis of the movie but don’t go into this movie

expecting kill bill in the wilderness you’re gonna be disappointed you’re probably gonna be bored this isn’t as much a film about revenge as it is about man he fights the elements more than he fights Tom Hardy in here not only that but Ollie Haun drove Gonzales enter it can I call him alejandro GI I’m gonna call him that Alejandro GI in Birdman showed us he

has an affinity for drawing out one shot as long as possible a few shots in this movie when the action is going down we’re talking this [ __ ] is going down it’s gritty it’s real you almost feel uncomfortable watching it for entertainment but that shot goes on for a while and then you hear about how we wanted to film this movie in natural light in the wilderness to make it legit which means he’s using the Sun I mean this is light source in this movie so it’s like

alright the Sun is perfect we have 90 minutes to get this scene and when you’re watching it you’re like if anyone screwed this up it’d be like alright L

we’re past it now so hey we’ll come back tomorrow try it again I’m sure the studio hated that I’m sure they hate that

they’re like you are costing us money will you make it back I hope but I just love that kind of madness and passion in the filmmaking world I love seeing it and it does make a difference when you’re watching this movie or like I feel like it is the 1800s and it’s cold as

when I was watching this movie I was sequentially getting colder as I watched it I don’t think the theater was playing a prank on me I don’t think they were turning the a/c up it was the effect the movie had on me because the director was able to put you in there and a couple of the scraps man the scraps in this movie like the fights they were dirty boy when two people are fighting in this movie I might need your curry action was to jump in there be like God got fellas fellas come on you’re gonna kill each other stop and yeah the performances were all great they were all fantastic I mean Leonardo DiCaprio going for the Oscar again probably gonna get

nominated is he gonna win I have no idea he shouldn’t want an Oscar a few times at this point it doesn’t matter a trophy doesn’t actually matter the performances he’s been giving us in his movies that matters and I always look forward to a new DiCaprio movie because I know no matter what trophy he does or does not take home he has

always earned it but I mean Tom Hardy was great domhnall gleeson was great that kid from the Maze Runner sergeant eyebrows hold on will Poulter I had to look that up because he deserves to have his name said because he was quite good the movie he added his fair share to this movie so good job dude in the end the revenant is not the exciting revenge tale some people might want it

to be but it’s the most realistic revenge tale that I have seen in quite a long time possibly ever I love the directors flair for this gritty realism I loved the fact that he wanted to film with natural light I loved how this movie pulls you into it you genuinely feel like you are in this time period if you’re looking for that high-octane exciting revenge tale not here but if you genuinely appreciate the art of cinema and that’s your thing you’re gonna love this one I will say the

revenant is definitely worth watching and worth buying on blu-ray soon I’m gonna have to change that to digital we’re downloading digitally alright guys so the revenant have you seen it what did

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