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tenet movie download in tamil dubbed isaimini kuttymovies moviesda tamilrockers.
tenet movie download in tamil dubbed isaimini kuttymovies moviesda tamilrockers.

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tenet movie story?
ten it so ten it’s a new film starring christopher nolan well it’s written and directed by christopher nolan i just feel like christopher and all the movies are really christopher nolan’s a star so anyhow it stars john david washington

robert pattinson and we saw the trailer right the trailer shows you that they’re looking for bad guy kenneth brennan there’s this ability to reverse time is called inversion in which things go backwards through what we perceive as time but it’s in there the trailer lied to us it did which trailers their mouthpieces for movies they’re propaganda it’s kind of like fox news for the right cnn for the left movie trailers for movies they’re there to

tenet movie download in tamil dubbed isaimini kuttymovies moviesda tamilrockers.
tenet movie download in tamil dubbed isaimini kuttymovies moviesda tamilrockers.

convince you that this thing is going to be the greatest thing ever so sometimes in movie trailers they showcase something that really isn’t front and center for a large section of the movie and such is the case with tenant 10 it’s essentially a spy movie like consciously i’m watching the movie i’m like okay so this is like christopher nolan does james bond or any other spy movie new guy gets recruited there’s a bad guy and he has a super bad thing that can do a lot of damage to the world so they got to stop

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bad guys this movie’s two and a half hours long it’s not like for two and a half hours you’re dealing with good guys and bad guys doing inversion going backwards and forwards and it’s not for the bulk of the movie that’s not the case for the bulk of this movie you gotta go into this movie being like okay it’s a spy movie and as a spy movie it was it was fine for a spy movie bit convoluted in the beginning like the setup of a movie you know it’s establishing the world the characters character building my head was spinning and no it’s not because of inversion funny enough like this movie

has this high concept of something called inversion where things go backwards and it’s like nolan took that he was like all right i gotta make that accessible for people watching this movie and he makes it very understandable and then simple things like world building character relations he’s like i’m gonna make that so

complex it’s a tangled web of this person deals with that person but we gotta get to that person we gotta get to that person to get to that person but to get to that person i have to go through this you gotta break into this place so it kind of feels like a heist movie slash spy movie all in the name of getting to the bad guy it is possible that the setup of this movie felt like a choppy convoluted mess because there was supposed to be more information in there because it felt like he got the nuggets of setup and it was just moving fast like it wanted to just

move on if i found out that this two and a half hour long movie was supposed to be a three and a half hour long movie most of which was in the setup i wouldn’t be too surprised the second half of this movie that’s where i really started loving it the last act of this movie was amazing yeah that that’s me saying i was watching this movie going yeah it’s enjoyable enough spy movie to going holy

i just love this guy’s imagination and i do i always appreciate that about christopher nolan in a world where there’s remakes and prequels and remake wolves christopher nolan constantly is like i want to give something unique that makes them walk out of the movie theater feeling like they hadn’t felt something like that before and i reached that in this movie it’s the last half hour to be honest it’s like i was of two minds in this movie i can’t think recently of a time where i was sitting there going it’s an enjoyable enough movie too at a point being like oh that’s

amazing and i do want to touch on the sound mixing of this movie too which i want to tread lightly on because it could have just been the movie theater i watched it in some drunk projections shows up like this just turn up the baseball this is just

up all the sound human beings work in the projection booth however i ran into this with interstellar and the sneak peek of dark knight rises imac showed the first five minutes of dark knight rises before dark knight rises came out and bane’s mask he sounded like kenny from south park and so i guess nolan remixed it for the movie that was coming out so nolan’s known for having some people come out of movie theaters being like the way that was mixed was strange and i kind of ran into that a few times with this movie like sometimes you have sound effects in the background you know ambient noise but it’s over taking some of the voices and

you have some of the music coming on and when they talk and they’re dialogue and it sounds like this you know you get to talk to them i feel like an old man like what do you say or maybe it’s just me maybe i’m just there but if it’s not the movie itself let’s not jump to that conclusion i still say drunk projectionist if for nothing else when this movie comes out on blu-ray i want like 10 hours of making of because the making of in this movie i’m sure is so fascinating i want to

know more about it i want to know more of it like that hallway fight scene alone it’s wild i don’t know how they did it i’d like to i’m intrigued i’m fascinated so the big enemy in this movie isn’t actually kenneth branagh it’s trailers i just get bummed out when i think of what the trailer could have been like if it was just a christopher nolan film like right there we’re gonna see it anyway and in the

trailer it was like oh this guy gets recruited something called tenet this bad guy has a thing and it’s a danger to the world i was like oh it’s like nolan’s doing a james bondish thing all right let’s watch this nolan thing and then in the movie for the first time you see people starting to go backwards my brain would have melted but as it stands the trailer

overcooked it showed too much and just kind of compromised the experience but in the end by the end i enjoyed it it’s like the average of this movie comes down to yeah enjoyed it has some problems in the setup not gonna say it doesn’t but the second half is work it’s business but if i bought this movie on blu-ray i’d probably just watch the second half i’d watch the

out of that second half but the second half nonetheless so all in all i felt ten it was a good time no alcohol required i do hope they make a sequel and nolan’s not really known for sequels other than the batman movies but of the christopher nolan intellectual property he doesn’t make sequels but i do hope he makes a sequel to tenant all right so tenet have you seen it what did you think about it or what’s your favorite christopher nolan movie you know what rank have you ranked him before has the ranking has it shuffled around as you’ve gotten older whatever

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