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pirates of the caribbean 5 movie story?
this is the tale of Captain Jack Sparrow great music should be celebrated so I do [Music] pirates of the caribbean dead men tell no tales so pirates of the caribbean dead men tell no tales is the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie the years have gone by in the Pirates of the Caribbean universe as well as our actual world in dead men tell no tales Captain Jack Sparrow’s ultimately passes

primers just sad to see but it’s worked into the story but this ghost named Salazar who we outsmarted many many many years ago back when he was super yarn like CGI Jack Sparrow fascia is coming after him because Jack Sparrow got him killed and cursed meanwhile this other dude is looking for the Trident of Poseidon for his own means and motivations it all leads to Jack Sparrow on a very convoluted Pirates of the Caribbean movie I mean let’s face it the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie that was one of my favorite movies that

pirates of the caribbean 5 tamil dubbed movie download isaimini tamilrockers tamilyogi
pirates of the caribbean 5 tamil dubbed movie download isaimini tamilrockers tamilyogi

summer was a lot of fun Jack Sparrow was the man and in my opinion no Pirates of the Caribbean movie has actually been as good as the first one I just think we’re kind of over at this point what I liked in this movie was Salazar they have a good villain when he’s on screen he’s great he’s super intimidating he’s menacing that teaser trailer yeah kind of floating face syndrome I was like this is supposed to look like that or is that just bad CGI it looks like they have sharpened it up ultimately everything about him is moving like he’s still underwater because that’s where he died and got cursed it’s a really neat visual to his character Javier Bardem is a great

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actor he is I mean he’s exaggerated I’m like if you weren’t cursed you’d have busted a blood vessel just squeaking that word out my favorite part of the movie was the backstory that it showed in the trailer with young Jack Sparrow outsmart Salazar gets in dead and cursed that was a sweet scene but ultimately you see it in the trailer and it does that transgression that movies do worth like Oh backstory here’s how Jack Sparrow got all of his clothes I don’t give a where he got his clothes and like I said it’s a pretty convoluted messy movie this movie has a bunch of branches and side quests in it you know we have to have Barbosa in it here you go there’s just weird witch lady who she who knows

there’s other lady who’s an astronomer who people think she’s a witch but she’s not a witch but there’s actually a witch government dudes are hunting them doesn’t matter like there’s this wedding scene in the movie it’s just like why is this happening this is actually the scene in the movie where I’m like you need to just stop this joke pull it out of the movie the movie will be no different whatsoever you want people to meet up they can meet up else doesn’t I don’t know what’s happening and he’s seen in the Pyrus

movie that makes me just roll my eyes it’s a bad sign and / Pirates of the Caribbean Laura that you have learned from the other movies some of the backstory elements in here it doesn’t actually line up and make sense and had you stressed that Captain Jack Sparrow the character at this point in his life is not the Jack Sparrow we love for the reasons we loved him he’s not me anyway in the first movie Captain Jack Sparrow was

clever he was witty yeah he looked kind of like a weirdo drunk he carried himself like that anyway but in the end when he pulled something off and he’s sailing away someone could just stop and are and be like that’s gonna be the greatest pirate I’ve ever seen it happened in the first movie justifiably so like I see where he had Elizabeth Turner this will be the day you will always remembers the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow tosses her takes the rope goes up wraps the rope around something he’s flying around you’re like what this guy is

straight up escaping Masterclass style this guy’s not the idiot we thought he was now and Jack Sparrow pulls something off in this movie it’s almost by mistake he’s a big idiot getting dragged by a room and if he pulls it off it happens by accident he’s ultimately a buffoon it’s a bummer they concentrate so much on the comedic slapstick of Captain Jack Sparrow that they leave his wit behind and in the end he was always if he wasn’t the smartest guy in the room he was the most clever as in the end pirates of the caribbean dead men tell no tales is a Pirates of the Caribbean sequel that

came out a few years after anyone really cares came out a few years past it’s Brian it tries it’s best to tie it in with the Pirates of the Caribbean story and in some points it does its job well enough but in its execution it’s messy it’s sloppy I’m kind of over the Captain Jack Sparrow thing as they’re making him however when I watch pirates 1 he’s still great means there’s something they hid in that movie that they’re not hitting

anymore it has some entertaining action sequences out to sea it really does but also a lot of these scenes when they’re on the deck of a ship you can tell is green-screen in the first movie a lot of it was actually outside hate to keep comparing it to the first movie but I think it is applicable to compare a pirates movie to a pirates movie of the same franchise I can’t deny I was entertaining some of the action sequences in particular is this guillotine scene I always called a guillotine but then other people call it guillotine but the sake of possible illiteracy I’m going to keep calling it

guillotine it was actually pretty intentionally mmmm I will say pirates of the caribbean dead men tell no tales he’s probably a better time with a nice bottle of rum and i was supposed to be sure drinks all around alright guys so Pirates of the Caribbean men tell no tales have you seen it what did you think about it and what’s the order of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies that you like and/or love whatever there are whatever you

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