gemini man tamil dubbed movie download

gemini man tamil dubbed movie download
gemini man tamil dubbed movie download

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gemini man movie story?

look it’s like this if you take Apocalypse Now and sprinkle in a little Gemini man you will get something that resembles metal gear I don’t know what you want to do with that information welcome to my brain.

Gemini man so Gemini man’s a movie starring Will Smith and The Fresh Prince Will Smith is a sniper he’s a hit man now he’s retired and now this agency is coming after him sending him their best which is a Will Smith clone so Will Smith’s basically taking on his younger self so I’m gonna said was what I liked about the movie but I liked about the movie was the supporting cast and Will Smith Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Benedict Wong I felt worked really well with Will Smith

gemini man tamil dubbed movie download
gemini man tamil dubbed movie download

rated what they’re there for and this really comes across in the movie no matter how much you do like them they’re there so Will Smith’s character has someone to talk to while he’s on the run and what comes with that they have to talk and so now that’s how you’re getting exposition otherwise it’d just be Will Smith being very strong silent type trying to figure it out so it’s best that they’re in it I especially like Benedict Wong because I think Benedict Wong

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actually he has that that low-key humor yeah dudes funny all right let’s get back to the let’s get back to the plot which is pretty boring the plot is boring it’s a pretty boring plot because this is the plot this agent is being hunted by another agent yeah it’s the plot of like 70,000 spy movies or maybe you can see it like this this agent is being hunted by another agent who is trained by the guy who trained the agent the plot is pretty you’ve seen this plot a metric .

Tilian times before there’s nothing new here it’s like every spy movie with that plot relies on a stick it relies on something to be like yeah but this was the new element so the new element is CGI young Will Smith and they’ve been selling the CGI hard I saw this one ad that was like it’s a game changer but it’s not I mean I’m not saying it’s not impressive it is impressive in parts most of those parts being scenes at night a lot of dark

shadowy scenes which is a lot of scenes with young Will Smith in this movie the darker the scene the easier it is to hide the flaws in CGI so yeah a lot of dark scenes is one scene in particular young Will Smith character he’s actually kind of intense and he’s having an argument and there was one shot where I was like okay I couldn’t tell that was CGI that was actually really good it was one shot like

one syllable one word the rest of it it’s CGI you’ve seen before I can’t say he looks better than grand moff tarkin did in rogue one because I heard and I didn’t actually look into this

I probably should have before I started filming but based on the finished product I believe it’s not actually the de-aging software it’s actually just motion caPSURE it’s the kind of technology they’ve been doing for years which doesn’t look as good as the de-aging software and had to have been a licensing thing right there do you think they were sitting around like crazy that they don’t have a technology a software that’s actually called de-aging software since we want to da Jim it’s crazy it’s like man if only that absolutely existed which it absolutely does named for the thing we actually specifically want to do in this movie I know I’m not a CGI expert I’m the first to say it but the de-aging they do and the marvel movies looks a lot better than the CGI in here so all the boasting

about this being a game-changer I just don’t see it so there’s a scene that takes place in the daytime I was like took me back to Tron Legacy I’m like that’s a videogame cutscene just not just in the facial expression but how that character moves to just move like a video game cutscene I’ve seen some video game cutscenes I think look more natural than the man I will say in a purely technical aspect when you’re looking at the visual quality and clarity of the film the movie looks great which means it’s probably gonna look great in 4k when it comes out

I mean you could see that the sweat the pores just on a human person and even on CGI Will Smith if it was just a snapshot of CGI Will Smith like a picture a still frame would be like I I can’t tell that he’s CGI it’s when he starts walking talking and moving then it’s like oh now I know kind of finish this up in the end the plot of Gemini man it’s a pretty cliche applies by being hunted by a spy and the agency he once was affiliated with you have whatever and the stick they rely on which is hey look how good we are at CGI isn’t as good as I feel they thought it was CGI in this movie it’s like an American Idol

singer like not the really terrible ones but the ones that you’re like you’re not bad you’re just not as good as you think you are in the end I’m just gonna say Gemini man I’m not gonna remember in t-minus one day yep already forgot disclaimer that little comparison I made at the beginning of this video that is no disrespect to Metal Gear which is all right so Gemini man have you seen it are you gonna see it or what’s your favorite movie about a spy being hunted by a spy possibly by an agency he was once

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