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world famous lover movie download isaimini tamilrockers moviesda.
world famous lover movie download isaimini tamilrockers moviesda.

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world famous lover movie story?

The love-giving hi is nowhere to be found. The only reason to be happy is to love. Home, home, school, place of work, wherever and whenever we fall in love with someone, it means we have found a joyful life. In the same context, the ego of ‘I’, the association with ‘determination’ .. The life collapses that Joy thought were needed were encountered by people other than you. The love we thought .. This ‘World Famous Lover’ is the annoyance that comes to mind when I become a person with a determined attitude

World Famous Lover
This is my last love story movie. Vijay Devarakonda has brought the movie ‘World Famous Lover’ to the audience today as a Valentine’s Day gift, giving a big shock to all the lovers. “Every spectator who comes to my film is making films to get a new feel. It is not up to us to hit these single doubles. Vijay Devarakonda said in the pre-release that he is currently hitting the ball hard with the movie ‘World Famous Lover’. The ball is in the gall. True .. this time the ball was not in the gall .. slowly moved to the boundary. Let’s go into the review and find out how it is ..

world famous lover movie download isaimini tamilrockers moviesda.
world famous lover movie download isaimini tamilrockers moviesda.

Gautam (Vijay Devarakonda) is an orphan. Although he got a job that was less than his dream of becoming a good writer, he wants to put it aside and write a good book. His life goal turns with the introduction of Yamini (Rashi Khanna) in college. Can’t the writer change his stomach .. Gautam joins the job for his girlfriend and comes to a better position by telling me to do a job for our love. In the same case, his father did not agree to marry a millionaire (Rashi Khanna). Gautam and Yamini stay in a different house as long as the parents agree to stay in the living relationship. In a few years, Gautam quits his job and starts writing. Slowly, however, Yamini decides not to find Soul in his stories.

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So much so .. ‘If you do not see any inanimate object properly, why does it not work .. How can you ignore the existence of life, Gautam .. Selflessness is the only love in this world .. Even in that love, the two letters I can cause a tsunami Love is not a compromise. Love is a sacrament. There is a divinity in love that you do not understand. ‘ What selfless love is desired in Gautam .. Yamini is saying breakup with him as Gautam has set aside the goal of becoming a writer as well as not having the same.

Gautam becomes lonely after Yamini leaves. Gautam finds out that he is not writing. Gautam starts writing the story ‘World Famous Lover’ after seeing a photo of his wife mourning for her dead husband in a coal mine. The characters in the love story from his pen are Sheenu (Vijay Devarakonda), Suvarna (Aishwarya Rajesh), Eeja Bella (Eeja), Smita (Katherine Theresa). What kind of ending did Gautam give to the story of ‘World Famous Lover’ through these characters. How Yamini fell in love. What was the change in Gautam after Yamini’s departure? That’s the rest of the story.

When the title of the world famous Lover movie was announced, many were fixated that Vijay Devarakonda would become Arjun Reddy again. After that with the teaser and trailer, many people got the impression that it was like Pukka Arjun Reddy Part 2. Romantic scenes, bold scenes with Rashi Khanna, not one, not two .. Even though there are four heroines in Vijay movie, the film has a bold impression. While watching the teaser and trailers fixes a story in the mind of the viewer.

Although Gautam and Yamini are the main roles in this story .. The main highlight of the movie is the Chinese and golden characters who are part of the story. ‘Shinaya, who dreams of marrying a well-educated and beautiful girl at home, accidentally turns into a coal miner due to an accident to his father who works as a coal miner. Sheen is married to Suvarna (Aishwarya Rajesh) for 20 years. They have a six-year-old son. Shinaya is looking for the love he wants, not getting the love around him as he does not find the life he wants. In such a case Shinaya falls in love with Smita who came as a Welfare Officer for Coal. Director Kranti Madhav portrayed the developments in the Shinaya-Suvarna life after Smita’s entry in a very emotional and emotional way.

The illiterate wife .. while showing that she was told all the best to cut the cable to the house .. if someone buys her new clothes .. the natural prepared wife who also buys two saris for her wife shows the love of husbands in Chinese-golden roles. Especially if Shinaya mesmerizes in her dialect and language as a coal miner .. Aishwarya Rajesh hooked her performance as Suvarna. Aishwarya Rajesh hides the fact that her husband’s ego is damaged if she is more flattered than she is .. Aishwarya Rajesh made the audience’s eyes wet while she was crying after winning the gold medal and getting ready to be modern by realizing that the same husband is educated and likes a girl who is modern.

Despite the rumors of a bold character from the beginning on the role of Rashi Khanna, we gave her career best performance as Yamini. Impressive in the Love and Emotions scenes. In the climax, the story demands a lip lock with Vijay. Catherine Theresa did justice to her role as Smita. It seemed very difficult to get a performance from Faris Miss Iza Bella if you look at her acting. Priyadarshi, who played Vijay’s friend, did as well as he could. Otherwise his character range will feel underutilized and underutilized.

The love story of ‘World Famous Lover’ started to slow down after it went smoothly till Fastoff after Fifty Firis. Gautam (Vijay) falls in love with foreign sister-in-law pilot Isha (Ija Bella). The whole story of ‘World Famous Lover’ revolves around Gautam and Yamini. The director introduced the characters Sheenu, Suvarna and Ija to bring the two together and lead the story. How does the story of ‘World Famous Lover’ end? It seems that the director did not give a proper ending at the end as he made the audience curious about how Gautam-Yamini would meet. The movie which went for good hype with Faustoff Shinaya-Suvarna characters slowed down in the second half. However, Vijay Devarakonda has impressed with his mature acting in roles with different variations. As a lover of love failure, he played the role as if no one could act better than him. Yamani .. Yamini reminded me of the old Arjun Reddy who used to be mad.

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Expect love and come to this movie .. The love between the two will always be the same. But not in the way of expressing love .. but in the tendency to adopt it .. Generation is changing. Ten years ago Generation Love was the same. Present Generation Love is another. Kranti Madhav, the director of ‘World Famous Lover’, has portrayed the Pure Love Story that reaches out to all generations after decades of love stories.

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