touch chesi chudu tamil dubbed movie download

touch chesi chudu tamil dubbed movie download
touch chesi chudu tamil dubbed movie download

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touch chesi chudu movie story?
Ravi Teja, who makes two or three films a year, has slowed down in recent times. The film ‘Raja the Great’ starring Gap was a great success. In the same vein, he brought the film ‘ Touch and Look ‘ to the audience. Vikram Sirikonda made his directorial debut with this film. Let’s go into the review and find out how the movie is!

touch chesi chudu tamil dubbed movie download
touch chesi chudu tamil dubbed movie download

Karthikeyan (Ravi Teja) is very important to the family. He makes a living by doing business. His parents, who decide to marry him, arrange marriages with a girl named Pushpa (Rashikhanna). Karthikeyan, who does not know how to talk to girls, hurts the girl by talking crossly at weddings. With this the flower says no to the wedding. He apologizes to the flower and tries to persuade her to marry him. Meanwhile Karthikeyan gets into some trouble in business. The reason for that is a man named Bhai alias Irfan (Freddie). Karthikeyan’s younger sister sees him killing a student leader. Willing to testify in this case. Meanwhile, Karthikeyan’s younger sister, who accidentally sees Irfan on the road, shows Karthikeyan that he is the killer. Karthikeyan chases after Irfan, killing him as soon as he sees him. Who is the real Irfan? ? What is his relationship with Karthikeyan ..? Why does Karthikeyan want to kill Irfan as soon as he sees him ..? What is Karthikeyan’s story ..? Things you need to know by watching a movie!

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title to the trailer, the director has made it clear what the film is going to be like. As a full-fledged spice film, he added all the elements needed for a commercial film and shaped ‘Touch and Look’. This is a story written with a routine police story. However, Vikram Sirikonda succeeded in adding touching elements to the mass. Although a routine script, the treatment seems a bit entertaining. In terms of the hero character, he followed the formula by balancing comedy, action, romance, sentiment and revenge. For audiences who want something new in a movie, it seems like a story they have never seen.
But the average mass audience follows this formula and passes with average marks even if there is no content in the movies. The director has prepared a character with variations for Ravi Teja. Ravi Teja carried the rest on his shoulders and directed the film. Most of the new directors are looking to show their mark and do something new. But Vikram did not have such a goal. He seems to be fixated on showing Ravi Teja as energetic. All but Ravi Teja Energy are limited. There are no hilarious comedy scenes. Wow .. no action scenes to look at. Like in regular Telugu movies, there are a lot of scenes where the hero flies four or five at a time.

The first half went on with simple scenes like character introductions, wedding looks, and persuading the heroine to marry. The interval episode doesn’t even seem that interesting. The hero police character is revealed in the second half. The comedy was done for a while again as the story moved heavily forward. The climactic scenes were made simple without much stretching. Ravi Teja’s heroism is liked by the audience. Both heroines are impressive in terms of glamor. The combination scenes of Murali Sharma and Vennela Kishore did not seem to matter. Freddie, who played the villain, seemed okay. Technically the movie doesn’t seem to matter. The cinematography and the songs are okay

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