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suicide squad tamil dubbed movie download in isaimini tamilyogi tamilrockers tamilplay.
suicide squad tamil dubbed movie download in isaimini tamilyogi tamilrockers tamilplay.

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suicide squad movie story?

I just crossed my fingers on this one I

just I want to be good I want him to be

good Suicide Squad

so Suicide Squad is the newest movie in

the DC Cinematic Universe the most

different – it’s directed by David Ayer

suicide squad tamil dubbed movie download in isaimini tamilyogi tamilrockers tamilplay.
suicide squad tamil dubbed movie download in isaimini tamilyogi tamilrockers tamilplay.

and ultimately Amanda Waller is a

government person played by Viola Davis

and she gets these wild ideas like all

right Superman

was a big deal and will’t spoilers for

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Batman vs Superman now Superman is just

kind of not around anymore so like what

if the next Superman is an so we

need to put together a team that might

be able to battle something bigger than

what we can take on so they compiled

this group of DC villains together

they’re like all right now you are Task

Force X otherwise known as The Suicide

Squad now they got to go to solve a very

vague problem because I don’t want to

give you spoilers and we have ourselves

a pretty office’ movie I have

got to say you have a cornucopia of

characters that we haven’t seen on

screen before they have no backstory

before this film so they got to do their

best with that premise but it is it’s

worked before so why not have it work

now I feel like Suicide Squad hits that

point that DC needed to hit in their

film you wanted to have humor to make it

just more human and relatable because we

human beings we gravitate towards humor

but you don’t want to have too much

humor to where it compromises the DC

Universe and they hit that perfectly

with Harley Quinn and Deadshot arlequin

is Fanta Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

is every bit is brilliant as Harley

Quinn as you thought she would have been

when you heard she was cast as her she’s

gorgeous sexy very kick-ass and very

nuts but also Will Smith as Deadshot he

brings loads of humanity to this movie

and also brings his Will Smith wit you

know that charisma that Will Smith has

is brilliant delivery on a comedic

moment that needed to happen because

right there you’re like alright Will


say something perfect you said it and

you said it wonderfully and that’s what

we needed for that moment

Will Smith can throw out comedy without

making the movie accommodate guess is

what I’m trying to say right there a lot

of kick-ass characters before I get into

the Joker I’m gonna let you know right

now can’t believe I’m gonna say this I’m

gonna say something I never thought I

would say honest to god Jai Courtney was

good in this movie yeah I’ve never

really been the biggest Jai Courtney fan

I just feel like they’re trying to shove

Jai Courtney down our throat but no he

was great he actually displayed a

likeability and a snore

to him that I didn’t think Jai Courtney

had the ability to give us for Jared

Leto’s Joker Jared Leto’s Joker 8 thing

about the Joker first of all is that

he’s such a malleable character he is a

psychotic chaotic however you

want to display or portray that I’ve

seen that portrayed so many ways in

comic books a few different ways in film

Jared Leto’s Joker is another take on

the Joker’s one that I have seen in

comic books not yet really on film he’s

not Heath Ledger’s Joker although his

voice is sometimes similar but his

mannerisms are completely different he

is that well dressed eccentric mob boss

think Scarface if Scarface did way too

much coke and they said nah I like meth

better that’s that’s this Joker but the

fact is if you’re going into this

looking forward to seeing how the Joker

kicks so much ass he’s not really in the

movie much he is a wild card in this

movie he’s not by any means the point he

is a detached third party that has his

own agenda see we’ve grown so accustomed

to the Joker’s dynamic with Batman and

how they bounce off of each other but

Batman’s not really in this movie he

cameos in the beginning but for all in

all he’s not really in it so what we get

is the Joker’s dynamic with Harley Quinn

and how they work together and I really

like how they did lovely is enjoyer

madness I can’t wait to see Jared Leto

get more screen time as the Joker I hope

in the standalone Batman movie we get

him as the main antagonist yes I know

we’ve seen the Joker be the main

antagonist a couple times before but

what can I say I want to see how this

guy brings it against Batman this movie

really won me over with the heart it

really has a lot of heart among the

characters it’s great to see these

characters grow the scene where they’re

all reflecting in the bar that you saw

in the trailer is one of my favorite

parts in the movie nothing’s really

there’s no excitement happening it’s

just great character building I love

that it does have some pacing issues if

not balance issues periodically in this

film and I don’t really blame this movie

for it it’s like they’re like we need to

give backstory to some of these

characters are pretty big power hitting

characters among the DC Universe you

can’t just not give them backstories so

you have to give backstory and flashback

periodically throughout here and it

doesn’t always gel there’s not always a

smooth transition to do it but I would

rather they do it than not have it my

biggest gripe hands down and this entire

thing is there is a character who deals

with something in a certain way that I

just don’t think you would deal with

I’ll talk about it more on my Suicide

Squad spoiler talk but for right now

just all I can do is keep it vague and

I’m just saying this one scene this one

thing that happened maybe just look at

it more like

I don’t think that dude would deal with

that like that and that really does

compromise his character for me a bit

but it’s easily the most glaring issue

in the entire film really looking

forward to seeing more of what the DC

Cinematic Universe has to offer thus far

I hadn’t really been blown away by

anything in that universe until now now

this is exactly what I needed I think

what we needed and I think what they


soundtrack alone is worth it the set

track is great doesn’t he had Suicide

Squad gave me what I was hoping it would

give me but gave me a lot more than I

actually thought it would give me he’s

cleared by now that I loved this movie

but it is the best DC Cinematic Universe

movie that I have seen by a clear mile

most importantly this movie was a lot of

fun a lot of kick-ass rain a lot of

likeability a lot of banter with some

really cool characters and I will say

Suicide Squad is definitely worth

watching and definitely worth buying on

blu-ray right guys so Suicide Squad have

you seen it what did you think about it

whatever you thought comment below let

me know and as always if you liked what

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