Who Will Become The Next Captain?

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Bigg Boss is now going to reach its final stage after finished its 45th episode yesterday night. Here is the latest written update of Bigg Boss 14 that is sharing with you. According to the latest promo video that is shared on social media shows that there will be a big argument between housemates Eijaz Khan and Kavita Kaushik again. When Kavita comes into the kitchen area, she says to all that the counter is not cleaned since morning because all of you are making eggs is not finished yet and Eijaz angrily replies that So, it will make, when we will say it will be clean. Understand!

bigg boss 14 17th november spoiler alert

After this, Kavita also replies to him on his taunts, and then, the hilarious argument continues. Aly Goni also comes into the argument with Kavita. She starts abusing Eijaz Khan and Aly Goni in front of all housemates. But, the argument went more when Kavita touched Eijaz Khan and pushed him back then, Eijaz got angrier at her. Eijaz said,” Don’t touch me! Don’t lift your hand on me! Don’t come close to me! Go to hell from here and don’t touch me again. I am alone here and I will win here with all alone. Eijaz also said after seeing in the camera that No one will lift finger on me and not to touch me! you can’t see this here! Many peoples have gone from here after doing less. So let’s see who will win in this fight.

On the other side, the new task has been given by Bigg Boss to the housemates. And the task is all about that the house of Bigg Boss has been replaced as a Royal Castle where Rahul will be King and Rubina will be a Queen of this house and the rest of the housemates will be the workers of the Castle. The task will like that workers will have to make Hearts and as well as break opponent Hearts. The salary will be given by King Rahul And Queen Rubina for this work. Those will have more hearts, will become a candidate for the captaincy.

All the housemates make tragedy for winning the task. More and more people will be buoyed by King and Queen. Where more workers have to make the Hearts and as well as, break opponent Hearts. Both King and Queen also spread the rumours that workers will get more if they work for him/her.

So, it will be seen who will win this task and who will get the captaincy.

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