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garfield movie story?

Garfield everyone’s favorite cartoon feline this sarcastic yet lovable orange cat has been a part of popular culture ever since he first appeared in the newspaper comic strips of the late 1970s ever since then Garfield has appeared in everything from comics and animated TV shows to video games and even musicals yes Garfield is one popular little furball that everyone seems to love so it was probably inevitable that there would eventually be a live-action feature film based on him and my.

is it bad I honestly feel sick just thinking about it so before I lose my lunch all over the screen let’s just jump right into the 2004 Garfield film [Music] dear king leia is this film awful it’s just so utterly devoid of anything there’s nothing not one thing to be taken away from this film it just leaves you feeling completely empty anyway maybe it would be best if I start by explaining my relationship to Garfield I will admit I’m not the biggest fan and I never really was however I did read a fair amount of Garfield comics when I was younger and for the most part I enjoyed them I also remember watching a few episode of the animated show Garfield and friends and I again remember that is a pretty good show in later years I haven’t really read or seen much of Garfield’s escapades so I might not be completely up-to-date on any new developments to character or his various worlds have gone through but I would definitely say that my knowledge about Garfield is more than adequate man let’s just get this over with before I kill myself with a rusty nail so as the film begins we introduced our main character Garfield duh and already there’s a little bit of a problem as you can clearly see Garfield is computer-animated and while that’s not really a problem in and of itself it does raise a few questions for instance why the hell is Garfield the only thing in the entire film that’s animated seriously not one other character either human or animal is animated only Garfield okay so maybe it would be difficult to get a real-life cat to do some of the things Garfield does in this film but still it just comes off as really weird I mean there are several other animal characters in the film and while they don’t go through anything quite as complicated.

garfield movie tamil dubbed download tamilrockers isaimini tamilplay.
garfield movie tamil dubbed download tamilrockers isaimini tamilplay.

as Garfield occasionally has to they do talk and interact with one another I guess what I’m saying is that in my opinion making Garfield the only animated thing in the entire film makes most of the scenes very jarring as it doesn’t really feel like Garfield belong in them isn’t that great the film has barely started and I’ve already been able to find something to .

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about that’s usually a good sign so as the opening credits continue to roll we see Garfield doing his usual shtick waking up John disturbing him in the shower swapping his food for cat food and so on Garfield then goes outside for some more shenanigans involving nermal who doesn’t really come off as a cute and innocent the gullible kitten like he did in the comics no instead he comes off more as an annoying dimwit who probably couldn’t tell the difference between his own tail and a .

snake anyway after using nermal to get some milk Garfield crosses the street because he spots a boy sitting on the windowsill however his path is blocked by a dog whom Garfield has to get by first you’re on the wrong side of the street fat cat the wrong side ok that’s it you’re gonna get it good today I make a point every day yeah yeah yeah dog gets his chains tangled up and Garfield gets pie surprise surprise by the way think the voice of the dog sounds familiar but can’t quite place it well maybe this will help and before you ask yes that is Bill Murray as Garfield and I have to say he is the only thing even remotely enjoyable in this film I mean he seems to be the only one who gets his character and tries to have some fun with it he seems to be the only one who gives a damn everyone else is he the bland as hell forgettable as .

or just downright awful like Brecon Maya the guy who plays John Garfield’s owner dear lord is this guy awful seriously I don’t think there’s a single scene he’s in that doesn’t make me cringe he’s just so bad I’m sorry so anyway some of you may be wondering when the hell I’m gonna get to the story of the film so far it’s basically consisted of a bunch of very minor and rather insignificant scenes that don’t really go anywhere and guess what there’s more of them Cooper there’s a scene where John spots a mouse and tries to get Garfield to chase it which he of course doesn’t do then that’s the scene where Garfield watches TV and delivers one of the worst fourth wall jokes ever to be conceived newspapers t-shirts so yeah these opening scenes don’t really contribute much to the overall story like I guess they’re meant to try and show the dynamic between Garfield John and the others but it doesn’t really work that well the scenes between Garfield and the rest of his animal friends fall especially flat on their ass considering most of these friends will have no.

influence on the rest of the film whatsoever how most of them don’t even show up again for the rest of the film except for maybe a one-line cliphair in there that could just as well have been left out basically the first 10 or so minutes of this film are completely pointless anyway the actual story kind of begins when were introduced to our protagonist for the film happy Chapman I say kind of because the story still doesn’t really get going but at least our main protagonist and his motivations I introduced to us the ground rules get established so to speak anyway happy Chapman played by Stephen Tobolowsky is a seemingly happy and cheerful host for some sort of animal segment on some morning TV show however beneath his public appearance as a happy-go-lucky animal lover happy Chapman is actually cranky somewhat rude and not that fond of animals yeah.

so this guy isn’t exactly intimidating but then I suppose he wasn’t really intended to be it also turns out that happy Chapman has an identical twin brother named Walter who’s a newscaster two guesses as to how happy feels about him everybody and I was born first but there you are glad for the hint and Here I am working with the sack a dander of a regional morning yep he just loves them no of course he resents him for having a better job and for being more successful than him this doesn’t really matter though as once again we only see Walter Chapman one more time in a very brief throwaway scene at the end of the film at any rate back with John and Garfield Garfield has just scoffed downfall as Arnaz and his lying on the floor overly stuffed John decides to take Garfield to the vet which is basically just an excuse for him to visit dr. jennifer Love Hewitt boy it’s just so believable isn’t it so yeah jennifer Love Hewitt plays a girl of John’s.

dreams dr. Elizabeth Wilson or Liz as John calls her and I have to say she is nothing like the Liz I remember from the comics now I may be way off on this one since I haven’t really read the comics in quite a few years but from what I remember Liz almost never smiled she was kind of sarcastic and annoyed by John’s clumsy advances here though she’s always so perky and smiling and she comes on to John more than he comes on to her hell even John doesn’t believe her advances most of the time just I mean not only is this completely wrong for this character but it’s just so believable that this beauty would be even remotely interested in this beast and as if it isn’t bad enough that they completely changed Liz’s character they had to give the role to Jennifer Love Hewitt seriously she may be pretty attractive in fact she is.

but she is one of the worst actresses alive I’m sorry but it’s true she very very very rarely delivers and good or even decent performance and she is almost always completely forgettable she is just completely void of life come to think of it maybe that’s why she fitted in with a bunch of ghosts so easily so after were introduced to Liz we finally get to the heart of the story Liz tells John that she wants to ask him a favor which he hilariously missed as a come-on oh if only Liz actually was interested in John then there might be a chance that she would ask him out in no way she does not two minutes later so yeah that was pretty pointless idiot anyway the favor Liz wants is for John to adopt a dog named Odie which true to form looks almost nothing like the original Odie at any rate John of course agrees to adopt a dog and there is your basis for the film’s storyline ladies and gentlemen John adopting a dog no I’m serious the entire plot revolves around John.

adopting Odie and Garfield becoming jealous of the new pet in the house gee that doesn’t sound familiar at all does it oh please tell me Garfield gets Odie in some sort of trouble which is okay with at first but then feels really guilty for almost immediately afterwards for a second I was worried this film might have some original ideas clever plot twists or something unique to offer but nope they stuck with the same generic crap we’ve seen a million times before awesome oh okay to be fair it might not be that easy to come up with something all that unique and interesting for a Garfield film but couldn’t they at least have tried I mean this has to be some of the most formulaic kids film storytelling possible we’ll get into the unbelievably generic story line a bit later but first we have to sit through some hilarious antics between Garfield and Odie they fight over Garfield’s favorite chair Odie causes Garfield’s milk getting set up to backfire on him and Odie also gets to sleep in Jon’s bed even though Garfield never gets to think I’m going to blow chunks you and me both not that I use that Chow much so the next day John and Liz take Odie to a dog show called Oh fuck-you film so unknown to John and Liz Garfield has managed to sneak along to the dog show and while there he manages to create a bit of a riot because a bunch of highly trained dogs can’t resist the temptation to chase one .

cat oh yeah because most of those dog show dogs are just so disobedient don’t they so all of the dogs chased Garfield around the show grounds and to try and settle things down the show arranger starts play music in and of itself this seems like a pretty dumb idea which it is but when only has the music he runs out on the show floor and starts dancing the crowd finds this so cute and entertaining that they completely forget about the chaos they witness just a few moments ago oh but how could they not when the film practically shoves all this cuteness right up in their face oh look at him go he’s do cuties new cutie Oh after Odie finishes his dance routine he receives a standing ovation from both the crowd and the judges happy Chapman expresses his desire to put already on television to John but John isn’t interested oh gee I wonder if this will fit into the story somehow anyway since Odie was so good he doesn’t just get a lot of applause no he gets first prize in the show even though he wasn’t even entered boy this is a fair decision every contest works like this right [ __ ] it let’s move on when they get back home Garfield is still a bit upset about all the attention oh he’s getting I was the one it was all about me not about some stupid sniveling smelly high-maintenance disco dog Wow that’s some.

convenient ly placed interior isn’t it so as punishment Garfield is put out on the patio for the night Odie comes out to comfort him but Garfield simply walks in through the cat flap and locks only outside this turns out to be a pretty bad idea since Odie being a stupid dog can’t help but chase after the first moving object he sees he keeps chasing various vehicles throughout the city and eventually gets lost the next morning after failing to find Odie Jon starts putting up fliers everywhere and calling around to see if anyone’s found him Garfield also starts feeling guilty and just when he thinks he can’t take any more of the guilt he discovers that Odie has been found and put on TV by none other than happy Chapman after failing to get Jon’s attention Garfield decides to head for the big city and get Odie back himself the rest of the film is pretty much just Garfield searching for Odie in the city and at the TV station the only other significant thing that happens is happy Chapman attempting to use some sort of shock collar on Odie to make him do more advanced tricks much quicker other than that the rest of the film really is just Garfield going around searching for Odie occasionally being part of some also hilarious gag while John and Liz also searched for both Odie and Garfield eventually Gothel finds Odie and rescues him and John and Liz find out that happy Chapman is the one who has John’s pets the film ends just about as predictably as you might think Odie and Garfield get reunited with John and Liz John and Liz hook up and happy Chapman gets arrested and that’s the Garfield film now you may think I skipped over a pretty big part of the ending but trust me it’s all just pointless filler in any case this film is not bad no no no no it’s [ __ ] horrible the story is crap the acting is horrendous the CG doesn’t really work and although it’s not exactly unfaithful to the source material it does make some truly idiotic changes it’s just stupid stupid stupid the only thing slightly enjoyable some of the time is Bill Murray and that’s mostly because it’s bailed Murray the rest of the film is completely devoid of any form of entertainment and only the most brain-dead slack-jawed moronic .

babies could possibly find any form of redeemable value in this steaming pile of cat crap and even that’s questionable if you ever come across this abomination stay away no better yet blow it up in fact blow up the entire store that has it because anyone who could sell this wretched piece of garbage with a clear conscience doesn’t deserve to live warning these statesmen appearance the satirical purposes that geeky gamer and all the failures are strongly opposed to the bombing of any locations that no person sign does not endorse any such actions although this film and anyone involved with it does deserve to die well I think we’ve all had enough of this film at least I have so I’m going to wrap this up now thank you for watching I hope to see you all next week and until then kill anyone who comes bearing this film bye

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