300 spartans tamil dubbed movie download

300 spartans tamil dubbed movie download
300 spartans tamil dubbed movie download

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300 spartans movie story?
god-king Xerxes of Persia is just strolling his armies he’s just taken over land I mean he’s enslaving people he just wants to take over the world however the wise people of Sparta are like oh no we can’t go to wal it’s the time of diplomacy and so they’re gonna stroll into Sparta wipe out all the dudes and take the women and children as slaves or worse and Leonidas the king of Sparta’s like I that ain’t happening and so against Spartan lolly and I just takes 300 guys to go do what needs to be done now it’s a million Persians to 300 Spartans so he does standard first person shooter tactic and he just bottlenecks him into this narrow corridor so they can stand guard and wipe them out and the Persians.

have a lot of numbers but Leonidas from the 300 they’re made for war do they have a lot of battle tactics throw in synchronization and all that and the Persians you know they die now in 300 I was really impressed with how many shots in this movie are actually taken from the graphic novel Zack Snyder did a really good job at translating the graphic novel to the big screens like the entire thing was filmed on a green screen kind.

of like you know attack of the clones but it looks a jillion times better than attack of the clones I mean it looks all stylized and whatnot things are exaggerated but they’re supposed to be exaggerated it’s one of those things where if you’re gonna make it look like the graphic novel make it like the graphic novel so it felt like I

300 spartans tamil dubbed movie download
300 spartans tamil dubbed movie download

was watching a graphic novel and it worked and while Leonidas and the 300 are out there fighting the Persians there’s actually this whole segment dealing with Lee and I just his wife and the council and whatnot she’s trying to convince them to send troops up to help him and of course they’re like is it outlawed diplomas yeah good to see politicians now we’re pretty much how they were back then and that whole thing wasn’t actually in the graphic novel but when I saw in the movie I was like at works hey you really get a feel of who Leonidas and.

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xerxes are when they meet together and they talk I mean Xerxes like 10 feet tall Diaz is Sharpie painted on eyebrows he has like mr. T’s golden chains hanging around his body he’s all likely turn your arms lean I just know we’ll meet you lord king of all sport coat and Leonidas just talk [ __ ] to him he’s like dad now we’re fighting Yeah right there you’re like oh as why Leonidas is awesome and you suck sharpie eyebrows man a lot of people.

have said that this is just like a simple-minded movie I wouldn’t call a simple-minded yeah 75% of it deals with them fighting but it just has a simple concept and the simple concept is when douchebags come in to take over your land and enslave your people diplomacy’s dead you gotta fight I also think calling this movie just like a simple movie about fighting is really cutting it short is because the lines like this for this.

battle is over the world will know that few stood against many that line states that Leonidas is reasoning behind taking 300 guys up against a million Persians listen to necessarily beat him yeah I mean if he could take 300 guys and wipe out a million Persians yeah that’s good but the point is that the gesture of 300.

people going up against a million Persians well unite Greece against Xerxes and then in the long run Xerxes alou’s and the ending of this movie is just badass and I can just say it like that the ending of this movie is just perfect for what it needed to be I can’t see why people say it is a guy movie not gonna lie I don’t know a lot of women that are like oh yeah totally this movie 300 I know feel but not a lot which I really don’t get cuz everyone’s walking around with these Jesus bronze abs which is really funny that is seen as a guy movie because we guys can watch it we don’t necessarily feel really gay when I first saw the trailer to this movie and I saw this line perros decide then we will fight in the shade I was like I’m watching that movie I know I’m like holy [ __ ] is that Michael Fassbender AKA magneto from x-men first class knew that guy was badass so before I was gonna review this movie I was thinking back on it I was reflecting and I was like I saw it it’s awesome tacular back in the day I’d probably see it as a bite on blu-ray probably cuz i have it on blu-ray then i watched it i really really liked it and i gotta say for as cool as it is it’s got to be awesome tacular yeah i’ll say it is a guy movie but I’m a guy so it’s awesome to acular so 300 have you seen.

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