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We are back with the latest written update of Anupama. The episode starts when Bapuji opens his eyes after the successful operation. Vanraj is in hospital and holding Bapuji’s hand saying if he frightens he will fight with him. Baa enters the room and scolds Bapuji not to frighten them again. Then, Anupama enters the room next and says emotionally Bapuji not to think about cream rolls again. Bapuji replied he will change the name of the cream rolls into bottle gourd. Vanraj shouts at Anupama in front of all saying because of her carelessness, Bapuji got heart-attack. She gave eat something wrong with him and she lives out of the house most time.

Anupama 11th november baa scolds anu

Baa gets angry after hearing this and asks Vanraj that where was he last night? He was unavailable the whole night while Anu brought him to the hospital and saved his life and she was present with us all the time. The nurse comes and says to her that not to make noise in the patient’s room. Anu tells Baa that we should go out to talk. Baa thanks Anu for saving Bapuji’s life. Anu also gets emotional and both hugs each other in front of Vanraj. Vanraj gets jealous after seeing their bonding.

Whereas, Samar and Toshu are discussing Diwali decorations. Vanraj gets ready for the office. On the other hand, Kinjal comes in a car and calls Anu. Baa asks Anu that why is Kinjal calling her and Anu replies that she wants to learn driving. Samar gets happy after listening that her mom wants to learn driving and Toshu goes towards Kinjal and says to her that mummy doesn’t even know how to ride a bicycle. Kinjal replies she will learn. He says what we will do about her age. Kinjal says that there is no age limit to learn something and now you are behaving like her father Kinjal says. Samar also supports Kinjal. While Vanraj gets angry with Anu that Bapuji is in hospital and she wants to learn driving. She doesn’t even know how to ride a bicycle. Baa yells that she supported her in the hospital that is not meant she will fly high. Anu replies she will learn driving. Vanraj yells that she is misbehaving with Baa. Anu says she is also her Baa. Baa says if she is requesting, her request gets canceled and she is also misbehaving with her husband for many days. She should concentrate on her family and she was misbehaving well for 25 years and now she has changed. Anu says that she does her job. Baa yells at her saying she should concentrate on her children and husband. Anu replies her children are now elder. Baa says that she has to forgive her husband for act misbehaving. She is a woman and learns how to bend in front of her family. Vanraj thinks and asks her that is she listening to Baa what she is saying to her. Anu says if the door is too small then she needs to bend. Baa yells again at her that she is taunting her husband now. Bapuji is in hospital and Diwali is near. Anu says she always took care of Bapuji.

Vanraj says let her go she will come back in 2 days. She doesn’t even know the traffic lights and without a license, she can’t do it. She replies she got her learner license yesterday. Vanraj yells that she will not go to learn driving and Vanraj thinks that he can’t tell about his affair with Bapuji and can’t let her go for driving. She should be with her Bapuji. Anu says that what is she doing, doing for Bapuji. Yesterday, she felt helpless and wants to prepare herself for future incidents like yesterday. She can understand vanraj opposing herself but why is he facing when she was present yesterday and knew what types of problems they faced. She will take Bapuji’s blessing like always and will go out. She will stop herself when she will feel that she is wrong. Anu goes out while Baa stands silently.

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