the secret life of pets 2 tamil dubbed movie download

the secret life of pets 2 tamil dubbed movie download
the secret life of pets 2 tamil dubbed movie download

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the secret life of pets 2 movie story?

the latest film from illuminations secret life of pets – has hit theaters I took my kids to go see it so let’s talk about so I wasn’t really a fan of the first secret life of pets but I gotta be honest I kind of had fun with this one before I give.

you my full take on it go ahead and tell me what you thought down below in the comment section did you love it did you hate it were you a fan of the first one disappointed by this one or kind of the reverse sort of like me with that said let’s get started talking about the good and probably the best thing about this film is that it’s cute harmless family fun that moves quickly and doesn’t overstay its welcome and the thing that makes this formula work is that each of our.

the secret life of pets 2 tamil dubbed movie download
the secret life of pets 2 tamil dubbed movie download

characters here are quirky and are some exaggerated version of some human personality type so it’s just fun to see them as animals engage in all these wacky hijinx the two standouts for me were Kevin Hart as this rabbit superhero puppy character and that Harrison Ford as rooster a new watchdog character out.

on a farm who’s trying to teach max our character returning from the first film to be less afraid of everything but everyone’s great got Patton Oswald Tiffany Haddish everyone is fantastic a ton of fun now this isn’t really a plot driven movie we’ll get to that just a second it’s much more about just setting up fun high jinks for these animals to get into some of my favorites were a plotline involving a cat lady’s house and a dog having to sneak in I say cat into this environment and everything that went along with that as what’s the third act it kind of goes full action-movie towards.

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the end it’s ridiculous but it worked well enough for me in general the reason that this movie was fun for me is I felt like it stayed in its lane it knew that it was just simple entertainment for the family that’s just trying to be cute and fun and that’s what it does it doesn’t have big ambitions it does the thing it’s trying to do with that said let’s move on to the mix aspects of the film the big one that comes to mind here is just the treatment of the human characters and what I mean by that is with both of these films essentially what they do is they kick off in the first few minutes you’ve introduced our human characters you have the at home life and then the humans leave and we have our adventures with the animals and then the humans show back up in.

the last you know five or 10 minutes and I understand that that’s kind of the premise of these films but like in this one they invest you heavily in the first 10-15 minutes into the fact that there’s now a baby inside of the mix and you see the bonding between Max and the child Liam inside of the film and then the movie is all about the atmosphere little boy he disappears I mean I thought that bond between Max and Liam worked inside of the movie and I wanted to see more of that but that’s not really what the movies about and so either you probably didn’t want to play that so heavily in the first 10 minutes or give us more of it in the body of the film from there let’s move on to the bad as I mentioned before this isn’t like a plot based or plot heavy film essentially what it does is during the first two acts of the film we have three separate storylines going on one is about a rescue mission to free a tiger from the circus one is about trying to save a chew toy and one is about max going out to a farm in learning to be a little bit less afraid from rooster and then in the third act all of our stories kind of come together for a big action climax but I mean none of these stories are particularly compelling they’re pretty ridiculous they’re just there to give us something to push things.

forward to have our little adventures inside of it the movie feels like you’re watching three different episodes of a Saturday morning cartoon that don’t have anything to do with each other that have been cut together on top of each other and then there’s a fourth episode at the end where the three storylines come together that’s what it feels like none of it’s particularly compelling never boring though and then the plotline about the tiger is pretty heavy for a movie that’s otherwise very light-hearted it deals essentially with animal abuse an animal with PTSD and there’s all kinds of little jokes and jabs about turning wolves and this tiger into a carpet so it’s pretty dark for the movie that you’re watching real quick before I give you my take on it go ahead and share your take on the film.

down below in the comment section did you love it to Jane Eyre you somewhere in between also after this video check out this playlist up above with some of my ranking of some of the best and most beloved animated franchises out there if you enjoyed this video there’s something in there that you will enjoy in the end this is a movie that I think delivered the experience that it was supposed to deliver it’s not trying to be the best animated film of the year but it is some nice light-hearted entertainment it’s a B overall a 7 out of 10 on the entertainment scale and I’d say yeah take your family to go see it in the theater probably mad named price though tell me what you thought about it down below in the comment section check out that playlist right over there thank you so much for watching and keep talking movies too much

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