Bapu Ji Suffers From Heart-Attack

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Anupama is a trending serial among fans because of the story and acting of the star cast. Now, we are back with the latest written update of Anupama. So, the episode starts when Kavya is resting on Vanraj’s shoulder by keeping her head and asks him that it has been a long time since we didn’t go on a date. Let’s go on a date to a nearby restaurant. Vanraj replies YES to her question. She replies to him that you can go home if he is thinking about anything else and Kavya thinks that she should tell him about Anirudh. Vanraj asks her not to get angry as he will stay with her the whole night today. On the other hand, Samar helps Nandini to arrange furniture and ask her if there is any other work. She replies No and says that I like you. Samar gets shocked and asks what did she say. She says again.


Vanraj calls Bapuji and tells that he has a lot of work so, he will not come home tonight. Bapu Ji informs Baa and Anu about Vanraj. Baa scold Anu that because of her he did not have proper food and says her that if she wants to do this again, so she can go to her mother’s home back. Bapu Ji stops Baa for yelling at Anu. They get into a little argument and Anu tries to stop them. Bapu Ji walks away and falls down after getting a heart attack. Anu and Baa run towards Bapu Ji and she asks sweetie to call Vanraj, but Vanraj couldn’t take a call because Kavya put his call on silent mode. Vanraj moves to his phone but Kavya stops her says that this time is for her. Sweety informs all that Papa is not picking up the phone. Anu calls the doctor who sends his assistant to check Bapu Ji. The Assistant says that his condition is critical and has to shift him to the hospital. The Assistant says that via ambulance we will get late and Anu replies she doesn’t know the driving.

Whereas, Mamaji and Samar come and sees Bapuji’s critical condition. Anu asks Samar to get his car and Samar says that papa took the car. She asks to get a neighbor’s car. Anu tells Baa that tries to wake up Bapuji all the time. Samar brings the car from the neighbor’s house. They sit in the car and rush towards the hospital and say Sweety to take care of Baa and Mamaji in the house. They reach the hospital where the doctor tells the critical condition of Bapuji and needs an angiogram the Bapuji right now. Anu replies that she doesn’t know about it and the doctor says her that call to Vanraj immediately. Samar tries to call Vanraj again and again.

On the other hand, Toshu reaches home and hears about the critical condition of Bapuji. She rushes to the hospital checking for Vanraj in his office on the way. Where Doctor asks Anu to take the decision. Toshu comes to the hospital and informs that papa is not in the office. Anu asks Samar that he should call Kavya, but her phone is switched off. She asks him to keep trying their phone and after that, Vanraj checks his phone and finds it switched off.

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