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Bigg Boss 14 is going more interesting nowadays because of the arguments and fights between contestants. We have seen in the last episodes that Host Salman Khan had a little argument with Pavitra Punia and Nikki Tamboli. Here gonna be another twist in the upcoming episode. When Farah Khan, Charul Malik, and Amit Tyagi will come in the show and represent the thoughts of the viewers to the contestants.aly goni lose sense in Bigg Boss 14

According to the promo video, all the contestant has to give the answers which they gave allegations on the housemates in front of new journalists and also, have to tell all their mistakes which they have done. On the other hand, there was something that happened with Aly Goni in the show. What happened that Aly Goni lost his senses. And Now, There will be a new twist happen in tonight’s episode. New Tasks, New Way, New Challenges will happen in the show. We don’t have proper information about tonight’s show but it can be seen in the promo that Bigg Boss is giving notice to the contestant about an upcoming task.” The journey of the show is going more hard from now, the speed of the show is going faster because Now and Never ” said by Bigg Boss in the show.

On the other hand, Aly Goni has been locked in the glass room by Bigg Boss. What do they want to do with me and if they want to out me from the show, they can as well. They share everything but why are they not telling these things to me? Bigg Boss or Whatever! It’s just a show. I will break the glass and come out then they will out me from the show. Why should I not break the glass? I came here for the show… not to get close to the glass room. Do they want this only? said Aly Goni in the show.

The Promo video has been released on social media for the upcoming episodes.

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