komban movie download isaimini tamilrockers masstamilan playtamil tamilyogi.

komban movie download isaimini tamilrockers masstamilan playtamil tamilyogi.
komban movie download isaimini tamilrockers masstamilan playtamil tamilyogi.

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komban movie story?

Komban is a story that takes place around three villages near Paramakudi.

Karthi, a goat herder in the village of Arasa Nadu, is loved by all the people of the village. He is the highlight of the town, no matter what. Similarly, Karthi is at the forefront of tumultuous matters. None of Karthi’s actions catch on to her mother Kovai Sarala. Thus he is resolving his son’s scolding as usual.

In this case, Karthi goes to the festival at the invitation of her cousin Karunas, who lives in the neighboring town of Semmanad. The heroine falls in love when she sees Lakshmi Menon there. Karunas sees her talking and plans to marry the two. Lakshmi Menon’s father Rajkiran. Rajkiran, who is very fond of his daughter, has been dreaming of seeing a groom in a good place for her and getting married.

komban movie download isaimini tamilrockers masstamilan playtamil tamilyogi.
komban movie download isaimini tamilrockers masstamilan playtamil tamilyogi.

Rajkiran promises Karuna, who is asking Lakshmi for a girl, to inquire about Karthi and give him a girl. Accordingly, Rajkiran goes to the kingdom and inquires about Karthi. Although everyone in the town speaks well of Karthi, they also tell Rajkiran about his rudeness. Knowing about Karthi’s rudeness, Rajkiran is reluctant to marry his daughter at first. However, he agrees to this marriage for the good of Karthi.

Karthi, meanwhile, learns that Rajkiran has inquired about her in town and refuses to marry his girl. At one point, Lakshmi Menon finds out that Rajkiran’s daughter agrees to the marriage. The couple is getting married on the basis of an agreement made by Lakshmi Menon that her father will be with her after the marriage.

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Rajkiran comes to Karthi’s house after marriage. Karthi is a little annoyed with her father-in-law. In this situation, due to the animosity, the super superhero from the neighboring town is waiting for the right time to settle Karthi. This matter has come to the notice of Rajkiran. Reluctant to hear this directly from Karthi, Rajkiran tells his daughter Lakshmi Menon to leave. Rajkiran beats Karthi in the problem caused by this. Thus, Rajkiran leaves home and goes back to his hometown.

Karthi then apologizes to Rajkiran when he finds out about his true affection and character and brings her with him. In this case, Superman takes Lakshmi Menon hostage to avenge Karthi. Then Rajkiran comes and defeats the enemy and saves Lakshmi Menon. Thus the enmity grows further. The mob, which was only targeting Karthi, is now planning to kill his family.

Did Karthi rescue her family from this? Isn’t it Is the rest of the story.

Karthi Paruthiveeran has acted in a film set in a rural setting after the film. The twisted mustache is as ugly as the folded Vetti. The fact that there is a hint of cotton in his acting is a bit embarrassing. Shakes the powder in the action scene. Romance is also added in love scenes.

Lakshmi Menon is a village girl with a compact face. In this film, she looks like a little mature woman. He is a heavy character who wears a skirt, scarf and sari throughout the film. Sevvane has done it.

Rajkiran, who happens to be Karthi’s father-in-law, excels in experiential acting. Muthiah fits the character perfectly. It can be said that he lived as a real villager. The verses he speaks before the break make some sense. Thampi Ramaiah also keeps laughing at the spot. Super Subramaniam, who becomes a villain, has also shown villainy in acting. We are happy that Tamil cinema has got another villain. Kovai Sarala, who has acted in a comedy role till now, has mixed comedy and sentiment in the film.

Village pictures are sentimental scenes of cutting, or squeezing affection. However, director Muthiah has mixed the two in the film. Muthiah, who showed mother-son affection in his previous film, has beautifully recorded the friendship between father-son-in-law in this film. The village has given an interesting though film. However, the usual storyline and subsequent scenes are a bit weak to guess. Also, being overweight is a bit boring.

GV Prakash’s song ‘Karuppu Nirathazhaki’ makes you enjoy. Other songs are kind of okay. GV Prakash has shown his hand in background music. Velraj Cinematography has beautifully captured the beauty of the village.

Overall the ‘horned’ horned savage bull.

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