journey to the center of the earth tamil dubbed movie download

journey to the center of the earth tamil dubbed movie download
journey to the center of the earth tamil dubbed movie download

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journey to the center of the earth movie story?
what do you think the rock told us wrestling buddies back in the day do you think he was like alright I’m gonna quit wrestling so I could do movies like the Tooth Fairy in Journey – did you laugh now but it’s gonna be awesome okay jabronis journey to the mysterious island so journey to follows this teenager who has major teenage angst who wants to find him a serious Island because he’s a big jules verne fan he’s a vernian as they call him and the rock plays his mom’s dude and he’s all like oh no you’re not my dad hello ever he gets a message from someone on the mysterious island so he has to go check it out the rocks like yeah that’ll be fine our bonding time between us dudes it’ll get me in with the mom more and moms love that .

journey to the center of the earth tamil dubbed movie download
journey to the center of the earth tamil dubbed movie download

and so they hitch a ride with Luis Guzman and his fine-ass daughter played by Vanessa Hudgens which you know she’s hot yeah she is then they go down at the mysterious island where things just don’t make sense and now we have our movie iswe went into this movie thinking that this movie was gonna be complete dog [ _ ] turns out it’s not complete dog [ __ ] I mean it has it stuff where adults are gonna be like that makes no sense whatsoever that’s just stupid but it has this cool fun mystery adventure element to it too it’s not like Spy Kids 4 Rose like spike it’s 4 is good for absolutely nobody who lives mysterious island is good for kids although adults are gonna be like when okay let the kids okay.

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there are three kinds of kids movies in the world kids movies like spike is for they’re good for nothing they’re good for nobody they’re they shouldn’t have happened in movies like Spy Kids 1 and what I remember anyway I might be taking a leap it’s been a while since I’ve seen that I remember it being good for kids you know point is those kids movies that kids can watch and adults can be like cool my kid can watch that I can go do it I can play poker with the guys and then there’s the lion Kings and the toy stories where it’s just good for everybody and everyone loves them and they’re like these religious experiences and it’s just great and worth it mysterious islands not that one it’s it’s the middle one I mean you have flying bees you have adventure it’s almost like at a point this movie was like yeah we are ridiculous let’s bounce cherries off the rocks.

packs it was stupid but at a point I was like at least they know it’s stupid then you realize they’re trying to just show off 3d and then you hate it a little more so as a kids movie it works for kids you can be like all right kids go watch journey – I’m gonna go watch chronicler with a grey or something in the end I will say it’s a good time if you’re drunk or you’re a kid yeah knob rattles it sounded like drunk Gollum it didn’t so that was supposed to sound like a kid I think Gerber baby I think that voice it’s that’s not that’s not good it’s not healthy and stick around cuz I got a couple cool things for you guys you know I wouldn’t give you something if it wasn’t awesome this coming week I’m gonna call it you reviewers movie awards week because the you reviewers movie awards is coming out this coming week like four days from now on the 15th it premieres on en TV so check out Ian’s TV subscribe to them so you don’t miss the you reviewers movie awards it’s on the 15th 16th 17th and 18th of this month I know it’s not one show four times it’s four parts of the show subscribe check it out 15th of this month you reviewers movie awards they’re coming like OMA and while I was down there I met the lovely.

female me Kathryn Reitman yeah she’s sexy she was like well you’re here so let’s film some breaking it down so I broke it down with Kathryn reitman the new videos up go check that out it’s hilarious not just hilarious because I’m in it and she’s in it and you know we mesh and we have great chemistry because we’re us but it just genuinely is funny and awesome so check that out subscribe to her because she’s sexy and talented I gotta say antenna funny there’s drama there’s comedy there’s murder you guys will love it

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