dhurala marathi movie download 480p 720p 300mb

dhurala marathi movie download 480p 720p 300mb
dhurala marathi movie download 480p 720p 300mb

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dhurala movie story?
Time Please ‘,’ Double Seat ‘,’ YZ ‘,’ I Have No Problem ‘,’ Anandi Gopal ‘and now’ Dust ‘; Director Sameer Vidwans has given a chain of such movies to the Marathi cinema world. The movie ‘Dust’ is not the best of his work so far, but it is not disappointing at all. ‘Dust’ fulfills all the expectations from Sameer as a director. But Sameer also seems to have fallen short in reaching the ‘up to mark’. Because he couldn’t keep up with the pace of the movie. This story of ‘Dust’ written by Kshitij Patwardhan is all around us. You may have seen or read it from the Gram Panchayat to Maharashtra or even from the eyewitnesses in the politics of the country or from the newspapers. However, Kshitij has done the job of constructing this politics in the frame of the story in ‘Dhula’. On the screens of Marathi cinema, there have been a few films on politics like ‘Simhasan’, ‘Wazir’, ‘Sarkarnama’, ‘Saubhagyavati Sarpanch’, ‘Sattadhish’. Although their time and that of ‘Dhula’ are different, politics has not changed. Now a little updated version of politics is being played. This updated politics is based on the politics of the soil and is presented in the story of the movie. Established politicians are pushing the woman of the house to be the sarpanch. That is why it has to be said that this game of clay stove is hidden in it. In order to get this ‘chair’, the duo of Dhurla Kshitij and Sameer have put it on the screen in an interesting way.

dhurala marathi movie download 480p 720p 300mb
dhurala marathi movie download 480p 720p 300mb

All that will be painted on the screen as shown in the movie trailer is for the Sarpanchpada chair in the dusty village. Retired Uve has been holding the post of Sarpanch of the village for the last several years. He died of old age and the sarpanch’s chair was empty. Opposition candidate Harishbhau Gadhve (Prasad Oak) has high hopes for this seat. Now that the chair is empty, Harishbhau rushes into village politics to get it. On the other hand, the departure of a senior male member of the family creates an atmosphere of grief in the family. The whole family is eager to take care of each other. They are very happy. But, now add salt to this bowl of milk; That’s how politics gets rooted in families. The house begins to break down. Navnath Uve Dada (Ankush Chaudhary), the eldest son of Nivruti Uve, is the heir to the Sarpanch post as per the unwritten rule in politics. However, Nivrutti’s wife and Navnath’s stepmother Akka (Alka Kubal) are also now active in village politics. On the other hand, Monica (Sonali Kulkarni), the wife of Hanmant (Siddharth Jadhav), the middle son of a standing family, also jumps into politics. So now the triple battle of politics is colored in one house. Now how was this fight? Where is the water of politics? It’s interesting to watch and also somewhat shocking. It is also interesting to see how Nilesh (Ameya Wagh), the youngest son of the family, plays the role of Wazir in the triple fight.

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Shitafi has underlined the pitfalls of politics in his story and screenplay. The work is also right in terms of communication. Since the entire cinema is taking place in Ambegaon, the dialogue is earthy. At the same time, it is said that cinema is happening in the age of WhatsApp. The politics of state and center politics is also present in the village. So in terms of narrative, the cinema is perfect all around. He has an important basis in it, not only the politics of the village but also the politics of the house and loving care. The director did not allow their relationship to break down even when the family was breaking up. Although the pace of cinema has slowed down at the directorial level, every contrast in the film has been lined up by the director. Similarly, some representative suggestive scenes have also been excellently directed by Sameer. You will notice this when you watch the post-marathon winning trophy scene, the tea-kabbashi scene of Hanmant and Harshda (Sai ​​Tamhankar). Harshad’s (Sai ​​Tamhankar) personality is very important in the politics of cinema’s story. Her verbal communication and her storytelling are worth watching on the real screen.

All the seven main characters in the movie represent seven different colors at first glance. Everyone has their own importance. All these seven characters have blown the dust of their acting on the screen. With the authority in Ankush’s voice, the care in Sai’s eyes, the innocence on Siddhartha’s face, the dream in Ameya’s brotherhood, the urge for Sonali to take a step forward, the weakness in Alka Kubal’s body language and Prasad’s hope for power; It is accurate in their personality. As a result, the director has succeeded in building the obsession of the story on the screen with all the actors and their work. Umesh Kamat, Uday Sabnis and Priyadarshan Jadhav have also portrayed their small personalities in the story. Another advantage of cinema is its appearance. Cinema is nowhere near as extreme or melodramatic. The atmosphere of the village has been perfectly fitted by the art director and cinematographer within the framework of cinema. The song in the movie ‘Nahi Sutla Janmacha Dhurla’ has become one with the entire movie. Overall the cinema is like experiencing colorful dust.

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