apocalypto tamil dubbed movie download

apocalypto tamil dubbed movie download
apocalypto tamil dubbed movie download

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apocalypto movie story?

Apocalypto the Mel Gibson film from 2006 my first memory of this film when it came out I worked at the cinema as in Warrington when I lived in warrant at the time and I remember being our box office we were serving typically how our that’s observing the tickets but I was talking to a friend who was on there serving and literally these these 14 are so teenagers all came in proper rabble rousers and ordered tickets they all are the ticket for Apocalypto I clearly heard that it was like it’s violent extreme film it was.

rated an 18 so they all come in and then I get tickets and then literally as the last guy has bought his tickets somebody mentioned that it had subtitles and all of these idiots got their money back literally 4 to 14 and so kids just kind of trying to get them about teenagers late teenagers but yeah for some reason whenever I think of this film I think that story stop the need to share it but there you go anyway Apocalypto follows this guy called Jaguar paw who is part of this.

apocalypto tamil dubbed movie download
apocalypto tamil dubbed movie download

tribe in a rainforest somewhere we see life with them for a bit we see his friends his family the people that he lives with in the village and they are suddenly abducted they basically are villages in vain did by the mayans the mayans kind of take them to their city that is filled with kind of debauchery and just decadence and really great architecture and amazing costumes it must be shared lots of color but yeah this is like really the kind of crest of culture within this region the mayans obviously and basically Jaguar paw is going to be sacrificed as part of their worship to the gods.

he escapes and the final third of the film becomes a chase movie a very violent chase movie kind of a mix between predator and yeah some of the action kind of movie but um it’s an incredible piece of work it really is it’s very visceral filmmaking is very visual Mel Gibson makes the choice as he did with Passion of the Christ to try and use the language I mean I don’t know how close they can be to actual Mayan language or evert I know it’s a dead culture I believe I don’t know world history or well but I do know that yeah this is a film essentially about the destruction of the Mayans and what Mel Gibson does typically Mel Gibson here is he litters certain things throughout the movie that suggests I think from his mind when you try to look at this film from okay but this is what happens in the film but why is that there and .

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more importantly who put that there and him in which case what does it mean bearing in mind it’s Mel Gibson who put everything here I think this is really a film about how God the Christian God Mel Gibson’s God said Mayans your time is up and and my time is coming you know so we see scenes throughout the film where essentially prophets kind of come there’s a sequence with this child Jaguar paw has some dreams as well point the future and he also comes face to face with this child who gives a very kind of yeah dark prophecy about essentially .

the end times for the Mayans um she she basically predicts that again this is their time it’s over but you get the sense that this is kind of God speaking through this child like a prophet like the prophets of the Old Testament you know before Christ before John the Baptist before them not because prophets in the Old Testament that talked about God and what he was gonna do and I feel like that’s that this within this film is essentially Mel get what Mel Gibson’s do.

because again I’m not a history buff I don’t know much about the Mayans but I’m under the illusion most people don’t that it’s actually a dead culture that yeah we don’t quite know what happened to them all right so so much of this is speculation much of it is fantasy on Gibson’s part but I think that’s where he’s coming from that’s the way I read it that’s that’s what I see from it you know and we end the film basically on Christian invaders Christian missionaries kind of you know jag your par and these two.

people are pursuing him kind of come to the beach I’m coming up in a boat is it’s a bunch of men in robes carrying a cross and we know that oh right okay this is this is the missionaries they’re coming over this is essentially you know we’re seeing the Mayan culture die at this point and the birth of the yeah Christian way of life coming into the country so so that’s essentially what the film is about in its broadest scope but in its most immediate scope it really is just a film about a man who is trying to save his wife and child and get away from the enemy you know you know in the most violently spectacular way that.

Mel Gibson is can’t feign fine you think Braveheart you think those battle sequences very bloody very violent but passion passion of the christ’ it’s something that kind of runs throughout Mel Gibson’s body of war this idea that in order to get to salvation to get to redemption you know to to get to the heavenly realm or whatever you want to however you want to put it you have to go through that trial through the valley of the shadow of death so to speak through violence it’s it’s the violence it’s the pain that kind of molds you and turns you into the ultimately the the man that is it’s gonna be a man of salvation and redemption and things like that it’s it’s a common theme throughout Gibson’s.

work it’s something he clearly likes to put in his movies and yeah I could say this is no different if you don’t like what Gibson did with Braveheart or passion of the christ’ films like that then this ain’t gonna be for you and Saint gonna win you over like I say it’s incredibly violent there’s some moments in here that I had totally forgot about to be honest uh and I’m watching it again this time around I just Oh Oh flat you know arrows going straight through people’s faces you know.

traps that Jaguar is laid that just spikes right through people it’s just it’s yeah give us another hole back but there you go that’s Gibson tire full on and from a visual standpoint it is very beautiful to look at as well certain scenes when Jaguar is running through the rain forest one scene in particular where he’s being chased by a Jaguar which he then leads to attack his enemy very creatively the whole thing actually where Jaguar takes out his enemies he’s really creative like the use of the toad the poison for the toad it’s.

just yeah it shows the resilience of this guy and the fact that he knows his own environment and he can use it against his enemy but all that stuff is just it’s beautifully shot it looks great and he even though it’s kind of excessively violent at times it is never less than beautiful to look at in a twisted kind of way films got quite a nice score to it as well it kind of reminded me of the music to the new world like the this film in fact in many ways in certain sections kind of reminded me of Terrence Malick’s the new world just shot things like that and yeah the scores by James Horner I checked that out afterwards you know so his name in the credits and realize oh okay James Anna he did do score to the new world so there you go the film has a very kind of neat three act structure in which we get like the the opening 25 minutes half an hour that is really about this village about Jaguar and his friends and relations and I think it’s good that Gibson spends time doing that you know he spends time showing us these people and really showing us that they have very similar problems or despite the fact that.

you know they don’t live in big cities with electricity and all that they have very similar problems family dynamics to contend with that anybody anywhere at any time does you know you see this one guy who’s kind of a bit of a problem with his enlarged his mother-in-law oh she’s after a son or her daughters you want to child and kind of kind of bullies him a bit to be honest you know makes him feel useless and stuff like that it’s it’s it’s amusing in parts the way the way that his friends kind of treat him and getting to at.

one point eat the testicles of a pig I think it is but it’s disgusting but it’s funny and it’s just like I say it’s not anything I’d have to contend with are you but the emotional stuff the family dynamics it’s still feel very present very of today so it just it makes it just makes these people really relatable so I’m glad the Gibson does that spend the time doing that and it makes you kind of feel for certain characters as well particularly .

that guy you know the one who’s getting bullied he you know spoiler alert he doesn’t survive this film he goes out fairly heroic but it’s just when he goes you kind of feel bad for the guy cuz he yeah you never got treated particularly well he didn’t get particularly well respected but he did prove himself as someone who you know as a defender of his tribe who looks out for his friends and stuff I’m stuck yeah so I cared about the guy so all I’m saying is yeah Gibson does a good job of doing that of making me care about these guys so that when we get into the second act which is the Mayan stuff which is essentially a prisoner of war movie with added sacrifices thrown in for good measure you know it does make you want these guys to get out and then obviously once they escape it just becomes an all-out action fest it’s a chase movie in which yeah like as a bit.

kind of predator esque in which this guy’s being pursued but he then turns the tables on his enemy in the jungle so yeah very clear three act structure that just does a very good job of telling the story it wants to tell very well as there have a touching moment as well with the with that said mother-in-law where she so when there are kind of they’re all kind of taken there then put on the market as slaves to be solved and nobody wants her because she’s old she’s past it and she’s essentially just let go and it’s this.

moment of realization where she looks at the the son-in-law who’s kind of being carted off with the rest of the guys where she realizes that after all the ribbing that she’d given to him and said you know told him all the time that he’s useless and and this that and the other she suddenly realizes that in the eyes of the society around her she is useless other that’s certainly the societies that she’d been taken into she been taken out of a society where she was big and powerful and and seen as something of a head of the family and put into these other.

culture where actually she she can’t even be bought as a slave and it’s quite a touching moment and it’s all told in this look between her and the son-in-law and yeah you realize like that’s it so it’s a good film I like halogen sections in it I say that the family building that prisoner of war stuff and then they are action fest at the end which is my favorite section it must be said just from the sheer kind of brutality and body count and inventive ways of killing people it it’s a great film.

it’s entertaining highly entertaining and if you wanna dig deeper there is stuff there you know if he is someone who likes you film to mean something and I do think that the film is trying to say something as I said from from Mel Gibson’s perspective whether you buy into that perspective or not is up to you but I do think that is there so yeah I really like the film I give it a four out of five I I think it’s great yeah so Mike thank you for recommending this one really great.

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