Will Vanraj Tells His Truth By Himself?

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We are back with the latest written update of Anupama. So, the episode starts when Anupama says to Samar that she is sad but she will not give up. She will start once again from tomorrow and Samar gets happy after listening to this. Then, Kavya tells Vanraj that the meeting has finished. Kavya also says to Vanraj that she should be thanks to her because she covers all presentations alone in absence of him. Vanraj replies that he did all the hard work for the presentation and she took all the credit for that. Kavya gets angry too with Vanraj and replies that his ego can not see a woman who is standing to him. Kavya says that she is not an Anupama who will bear his attitude. Vanraj accuses Anupama of all this problem.

Anupama written update 7th November

On the other hand, Samar talks to Nandini and she feels proud of the support and encourages Anupama for dancing. Samar gets a smile on his face and replies to her that Anupama

and his grandfather felt proud of him. Then, Nandini gets out and another man comes to him and says that you should tell about your feeling before it gets late. Samar confuses about his feelings. After then, Vanraj comes back to his home. He hears some sound and he sees that Anupama practicing dance. She stops after seeing him and says he will get tired after breaking things but she will keep repairing them again and again. She also says that he can break her ghungroo but can break her strength.

At the time of dinner, they sit together at the dining table and Anupama serves ‘Gobhi Parantha’. Leela asks her that Why she cooked ‘Gobhi Parantha’ despite knowing that Vanraj doesn’t like this. Anupama replies that she likes Gobhi Parantha and because of Vanraj and Hasmukh she never made it. She also says that they both can make food for all each day so everyone can enjoy the food of their choice.

Vanraj gets angry after seeing the Gobhi Parantha and questions her that she never made Gobhi Parantha since married.  He says that he knows the way to tease him by doing this. Hasmukh and Leela ask Vanraj Why Anupama will do this and Vanraj takes Kavya’s name but stops. After that, Vanraj meets Kavya. Kavya says Vanraj that he should tell his parents himself before Anupama tells. Vanraj likes the idea of her and Kavya hugs him.

Anupama and Nandini start the practice of dance together and Samar comes with Hasmukh. Hasmukh gets happy after seeing Anupama. He asks Nandini to share with Anupama that she can dance better if she meets her teacher. Nandini likes the idea. Anupama asks Samar to stay with Nandini and help her in solving the problem of the furniture.

Then, Hasmukh asks Anupama that is there something wrong between her and Anupama. Anupama doesn’t reply. Hasmukh says that he will always with him and support her. Anupama decides to tell expose Vanraj’s truth in front of them. Hasmukh gets sick and Anupama can’t take rest after seeing him like this.

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