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chal mera putt 2 full movie download filmywap filmyzilla filmyhit.
chal mera putt 2 full movie download filmywap filmyzilla filmyhit.

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hello sagittal sorry Anu I am rose we are here today at you cinema star city Birmingham for the premiere of chalma reports – so we could catch on everybody’s reaction off to the show so let’s go and watch the film how was the film yeah it’s very good very something to say that obviously I was here on behalf of the National Sikh Police Association and I think it’s a fantastic I didn’t think they can make this film any funnier than the first film but the curd obviously into the movie as well it’s true isn’t it superb I didn’t watch the whole team when involved with every day there is good movies and the ball body repeat they are Punjabi production it was amazing party was excited fight it was more excited so yeah you should read it really enjoyed it and it was amazing practice this amazing story amazing people semen in the big screen we really enjoyed it thank you so much thank you thank you fantastic film visible shot it’s great I was on saw a road and it’s really local from sorrow it’s so famous [Laughter] both Vidya filumena for the coke Elsa filament are singing put the bonaga the secret drone sure it hmos you know Shinji do I have it we start the cuckoo bird – Nia but at a chance.

chal mera putt 2 full movie download filmywap filmyzilla filmyhit.
chal mera putt 2 full movie download filmywap filmyzilla filmyhit.

again before the chicken or Judy both the cheek or a dick inalienable Sunday beautiful in Katamon caliber you do to potentially get psyllium both Vidya that must have been overdoing and anger Sabine Abajo to PR kita kita taken a lien adduce leonid zhabin a medal on board both of dunya he bought about the moon but I’m Greek and I was reading the subtitles no literally wet myself laughing so Barney my daughter is the girl at the beginning and Rihanna played the pilot girl and it’s the whole film Bonet no it’s really really good I think it’s brilliant how they filmed it in West Midlands and our West ones please been involved the National State Police Association also involved it’s been real really well made you know very funny but with the watch and recommend it to everybody and it’s nice to see that public police engage ment as well that was great great film I think you said what sort of surpassed the first one very funny but at the same time with a very serious message about unity coming together at the time of need and then also the immigration aspect the struggles that they face when they come here work accommodation and the things like that so it’s an everyday struggle for them well we couldn’t have said it better than hard really yeah it’s great that this is a good message across you don’t need both of our countries both of our nation’s that been endearing back so it’s good to see the film was awesome sorry West Midlands Police and the national secret Association have been involved in both the first done well but and obviously this one today they’ve smashed it they really really have congratulations to all of the team and congratulations to our colleagues obviously next time around let’s get the girls involved naturally you know no but brilliant really really good film very comfortable for the family as well so there’s no controversies or anything like that it’s relatable.

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but no it was awesome so again congratulations to the team and both of them see both but the I see you both with the end for hard job but you can’t move over the elegance entertainment Hilary look at a full comedian ciggy motion vzj do not this Sunday instead are you hi Joe Ronnie stay that he I see the Canadian film over there see family film Haase starting to Lackey and the doctor the canonical my family dinner ong bhava theology film it was really really good and I must say everyone should watch chase a family may be entertaining enjoyable and it makes you laugh throughout and there’s a moral to the story as well but I let your CA first then you find out what the moral is but it’s amazing so do you watch it definitely so ya know Funkadelic ghee and called new screen that they kick it down look at it up look at the road Villante first of all silence a city called Salam alaikum Salam of course g up number just iran jangle ah there so this is i’m a part of the team so up number chamber key up initiating VA sevens and you’ll agree but rather than that film is good hej tagalog in part one was very good to serenity care and part two is totally different Pelin illumi java come here DC and bhavati video provocateurs II don’t want this animal RJ December 9 year India and Pakistan as you can see can a lock on it is full of laughter you know loving it and doing it my goodness ad they have gone affair wholly part three be shared away so Bucky Saarinen two women are me rich article I love silly thank you sir lieutenant how was your experience working with the whole team and obviously creating this fabulous music it was good I mean the whole rhythm boys team they like family really I’ve been working with him render Gil for a very long time on his personal albums and stuff and it was fund like you know the fact that he was shooting part one of Charlie me report in Birmingham and now part two which we’ve just seen which is absolutely amazing better than part one I believe and yeah man so he just made sense you know moves on if they were shooting in Birmingham and we’re all having fun basically it’s like family you get me did it meet you expectation of the.

in terms of your music ability do you think it’s just just very general question do you think you have because we all loved it obviously and I mean it’s tricky really I mean when it comes to movies it’s it’s very much down to the director and the actor and stuff in in what they want you know so you there’s a lot of chopping and changing I could think something sounds great but he may not fit with the movie with the the scene and stuff so there was a lot of chopping and changing which was a challenge but it was fun you know yeah today we’ve come out and the movies absolutely great part twos amazing and I think they’re most likely after today’s reaction I think there will be a part three you know so well that’s what we’re expecting more doctor Jews in part three okay now we are with Harvey from Harvey makeup unbridle and she’s created the most creative look that you’ve seen in Chalmette up with one I don’t know many of you remember the golden look she and silver look she’s created those let me find out how hard it was and how nerve-wracking that was so Howie how was it working with Chalmer off with one first of all yes it was my very first film I worked on amazing experience amazing team to work with yeah creating the gold paint the silver paint yeah it was just literally you know a bit of research really enjoyed doing it really enjoyed working with the artist yeah the paint itself it wasn’t that difficult to be honest but yeah it was just the you know literally and teamwork that’s what was just about to come to you was it like did you feel nervous at any point thinking I am going to paint Amarinder Gil I did I did I was pretty nervous doing the artists first because as I’ve never done gold you know statue paint before but I did my research I was confident but at the same time nervous but term we had a trial then from there it became easier and I became comfortable working with everybody it was just an amazing experience and you are responsible for most of see me look as well in the film from the up nice Ivy’s look yeah yes I started off I started off with a few then sadly I had to leave and somebody else took over so yeah what about this gentleman about to I just had I just had this very small part in childhood so I did gold paint again so yeah and then you know other little bits with wardrobe but let me tell you one thing I think that was the most creative thing like in sense of makeup and you know creativity that was brilliant trust me you did very good job thank you so much I put the jiraiya about the chief alum see reduced ah adjacent part to Vedic Rio well I just Margie issued on a risky Philomena rally in a sari on Dostana caper this which was shot some under par villa d’este or gay her this is look on the moon on opacity and the kidney problem and evil hearts or uber penny film digital message the Tagus II kept a same agenda yeah visible yonder ambulance and the police the Guardian D the canal siren like that radically under Oh today.

a quick little zindagi D is filmed a which a right turn a script liquor Nalini or film director knee or extranet in agent Padilla kavacha Lagasse Peggy useful and AH character a seafood sir or neurologist is such a acronym abla fajita or a sales apnea program biscuit Ozzy or Sade India – Gerry or messenger AHA storable make a socket dough on this son who just let joram do quit kidding II feel on the end a ha sido a Giorgio Vasari own OCC de conseguir thank you so much thank you thank you but the movie was really good it was worth watching I think it was better than the first one it was so much laughter it’s really enjoyable well I recommend everybody to come with their families and deftly come and see this movie it’s really worth watching Sam I think it was a lot better than the first one the comedy was a lot more yeah a lot more involved with it and I would advise all the people to actually come down and watch it with a family what do you think of the social message that comes across of this film joining India and Pakistan and you know having that it’s really good having that bond together it’s really good massive what they shared everyone yeah that’s the reason why it is such a big hit because he got the support from both countries and is expressing their feelings of loads of Pakistani Indian people living here together in peace and in love like this my brother is Indian and Pakistani became to watch the film together so I think is giving a very very good image

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