Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea Reopen After 4 Months; Theme Park to Follow Social Distancing Guidelines (SFVS)

Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea Reopen After 4 Months; Theme Park to Follow Social Distancing Guidelines

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The Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea reopened on Wednesday after being closed for four months due to the COVID-19 crisis. The two theme parks will follow infection containment guidelines to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus among visitors, reports Efe news. Tokyo Disneyland is ranked the third theme park of the Disney chain by number of visitors – about 18 million in 2018, only behind those of Florida and California. The Disney establishment was the first park to be built outside the US in 1983. From January 31, the park’s authorities decided to cancel some of their productions, especially where people in costumes had to come in physical contact with visitors. Hong Kong Disneyland to Reopen This Week With Reduced Capacity Under Social Distancing Guidelines.

However, as the number of cases grew in Japan, the company decided to close its two theme parks on February 29, in accordance with official recommendations to avoid large-scale events. “We will be deliberate in our operations, thoroughly implementing health and safety measures such as controlled capacity through limits on attendance, limited visitors in attractions, shops, restaurants, and other facilities, regular cleaning and sanitization, proactively requesting guests to maintain social distancing, among other things,” Tokyo Disney Resort said in a statement last week. Disney’s California Theme Park Reopening Delayed After a Surge of COVID-19 Cases in the State

“We will also endeavour to promote health and safety by having the information filled in for the primary contact person when guests purchase tickets.” Visitors are expected to wear masks, a practice which is being followed by the people across Japan, particularly in public places. They will also have their temperature checked, and are expected to follow social distancing rules, and wash and sanitize their hands regularly. Those who have been in close contact with individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19, those who have family members or close acquaintances who are suspected of being infected, and those who have been to countries or areas that the government has banned entry from were asked to refrain from visiting.

The parks will stay open for 12 hours from 8 a.m., and visitors will be allowed entry in three time slots. Activities such as parades and shows within Tokyo Disneyland will remain suspended for the time being. The reopening of the Tokyo branch of Disneyland theme parks comes after Disney decided to resume operations at their Shanghai and Hong Kong parks. Disneyland Orlando and Paris are also expected to reopen in the first half of this month.

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