Preity Zinta Looks Adorable in Himachali Look, Says ‘One Should Never Forget Where You Come From’ (SFVS)

Preity Zinta Looks Adorable in Himachali Look, Says ‘One Should Never Forget Where You Come From’

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The final season of Dark has been done away with, and my God! What a head-scratcher it has been! More twisted than the previous two seasons, the third season of Dark involves a parallel reality and therefore, more doppelgangers and time-travelling paradoxes to deal with. With so many characters to follow, it gets lethargic in the middle. But by the time, the final three episodes arrive, the show smartly manages to tie up most of its loose ends and paradoxes, creating a ‘happy’ ending. It may not be so happy for some of the viewers. But in the sense of Dark, it is a perfect ending. Dark Season 3 Review: A Fitting Finale That Could Crown This Netflix Series as the Best Sci-Fi Show of the Decade!

We have already broke down what happened in the final episode of Dark Season 3 in a very comprehensive analysis. If you have seen the show, you would know that the reality that we have been accustomed to, let’s called it Jonas’, in the first two seasons, and the second reality, let’s call it Martha’s, are actually aberrations. They shouldn’t have existed and only did so because the clockmaker/scientist HG Tannhaus tampered with Time to be with his dead family in 1986, splitting his reality into two. Thanks to Jonas and Martha’s sacrifice in the end, the original timeline has been restored. Which means all the time-travel shenanigans and the accompanying paradoxes have been lost, and so are any of the characters born out of it.

In this special feature, we look at who survived and who didn’t, and why, in the newly restored OG timeline among the 2019 characters in Winden.

Mikkel Nielsen/Michael Kahnwald

Mikkel Nielsen/Michael Kahnwald in Dark

Status: Doesn’t Exist

His father Ulrich hasn’t been born, so therefore Mikkel also isn’t in existence in the original timeline. And since Mikkel isn’t born, he doesn’t accidentally time-travel through the cave, gets trapped in 1986, grows up there as Michael, marries Hannah and then fathers Jonas, only to commit suicide, leading to the chaos.

Hannah Kahnwald

Hannah Kahnwald in Dark

Status: Alive

Hannah isn’t born through paradoxes, though she is married into one. So in the new timeline, she is alive and married to Woller, out of all people, and is expecting. She is the only one in the group of survivors to have a sense of deja vu of the lost timelines, and she plans to name her unborn kid ‘Jonas’.

Ines Kahnwald

Ines Kahnwald in Dark

Status: Unsure

Most probably Ines, Michael’s adopted mother, is alive, but she won’t be connected to Hannah, her daughter-in-law in Jonas’ timeline.

Jonas Kahnwald

Jonas Kahnwald in Dark

Status: Doesn’t Exist

We have seen in Martha’s timeline that since Mikkel didn’t time travel, Jonas hadn’t born there. With Mikkel not even existing in the OG timeline, Jonas is also not born here as well. Though there will be a different ‘Jonas’ in this timeline born as the son of Hannah and Woller.

Tronte Nielsen

Tronte Nielsen in Dark

Status: Doesn’t Exist

Tronte has been the son of Agnes and (presumably) Jonas and Martha’s son. While his father has time-travelled, his mother might have not done so when conceived him, But she is the daughter of Bartosz and Silja, both having time travelled. So Tronte, being another anomaly born out of this TT mess, won’t be a part of the OG timeline.

Jana Nielsen

Jana Nielsen in Dark

Status: Probably Alive

There is no proof that Jana’s birth has anything to do with the time-travel mess. So not sure.

Ulrich Nielsen

Ulrich Nielsen in Dark

Status: Doesn’t Exist

If Ulrich’s father, Tronte, doesn’t exist in the OG timeline, how will he and his brother Mads be born as well? So no, the OG timeline won’t have the police officer, who just can’t keep it in his pants.

Katharina Nielsen

Katharina Nielsen in Dark

Status: Alive

The final scene confirms that Katharina is alive, and is now friendly with Hannah and Regina. She is also presumably single.

Martha Nielsen

Martha Nielsen in Dark

Status: Doesn’t Exist

Like with Mikkel, his elder sister Martha also ceased to exist. Which is sad, since it is her and Jonas’ sacrifice that made this OG timeline possible, after breaking the loop.

Magnus Nielsen

Magnus Nielsen in Dark

Status: Doesn’t Exist

For the same reason why Mikkel and Martha don’t exist, their elder brother, Magnus, also doesn’t find a place in the OG timeline.

Helge Doppler

Helge Doppler in Dark

Status: Exists. Not Sure Alive.

Helge might have been an important part of the whole time-travel conundrum, being a victim of the bashing from a time-travelled Ulrich and later helping Noah in his murderous experiment. But neither Helge nor any of his parents have time-travelled. So he does exist, though we are not sure if he was alive during the final scene.

Peter Doppler

Peter Doppler in Dark

Status: Alive

We see Peter Doppler also alive in the final scene, where it is shown that he has embraced his sexuality and is now dating Benni.

Charlotte Doppler

Charlotte Doppler in Dark

Status: Doesn’t Exist

Charlotte  and her daughter/mother Elisabeth are Dark‘s first curveball thrown at the audience about bootstrap paradox. With no more paradoxes in the OG timeline, both Charlotte and Elisabeth don’t exist here.

Franziska Doppler

Franziska Doppler in Dark

Status: Doesn’t Exist

Sorry Franziska, we loved you a lot! But even this character had to follow the non-existent fates of her mother and sister.

Elisabeth Doppler

Elisabeth Doppler in Dark

Status: Doesn’t Exist

Already explained in the Charlotte Doppler entry.

Regina Tiedemann

Regina Tiedemann in Dark

Status: Alive

Regina is seen among the happy bunch in the final scene, not getting cancer in this timeline. But little does she know of her mother Claudia’s time-travelling heroics that made it possible for this life for her. If she had been the daughter borne out of Tronte and Claudia’s affair, as Tronte believed, she wouldn’t have existed. But as seen in the last scene between the older Claudia and Tronte, that was not the case. So Regina had a really lucky escape there!

Aleksander Tiedemann/Boris Niewald

Aleksander Tiedemann/Boris Niewald in Dark

Status: Mostly Doesn’t Exist

One mystery left hanging is who really is Boris Niewald, and why did he take up another identity. The husband of Regina’s in both Martha and Jonas’ realities, he was missing during the dinner table session in the final scene, thus implying that Regina didn’t marry him there. There is a hint that he could be Hannah and Ulrich’s baby in the Martha reality (Nielsen + Kahnwald), while Hannah was saved when her water broke the moment the apocalypse happened in her town. Eve could have sent him to Jonas’ reality to hitch with Regina, thus keeping her play open. You can make your own guess here!

Bartosz Tiedemann

Bartosz Tiedemann in Dark

Status: Doesn’t Exist

If Regina hasn’t married Aleksander/Boris, Bartosz hasn’t been born in the OG timeline. And Bartosz is also the reason why Ulrich was born, being his great-grandfather, as well as Charlotte’s, being her grandfather. Damn, this crazy!

Torben Wöller

Torben Wöller in Dark

Status: Alive

Charlotte’s deputy had not been among the main roster of characters, but he has been a known face, albeit an unlucky one in the other two timelines. He didn’t have an eye in one, and a hand in another, and he looked to be single. In the OG timeline, Woller somehow got to marry Hannah, and they are expecting. Also he was merely having a scar near his eye, in this timeline. So surely a happy ending for him!

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