Chaturbate Is Making a Scripted TV Show for Its Adult Website You May Want to See (SFVS)

Chaturbate Is Making a Scripted TV Show for Its Adult Website You May Want to See

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Chaturbate has teamed up with an independent filmmaking team to produce a new scripted comedy series. The show is called Cam_Girlfriend and it takes a look at some of the humorous aspects of being a cam girl. The series consists of 10 episodes, each one clocking in at 10 minutes and finds “Chloe Cables (Lily LaBeau) as she balances her relationship with her boyfriend, Mike (Dave Keystone) with her relationship to her work and fans.” In a clip from the first episode we see Mike try to pitch an interesting idea for a coffee table book.

Chaturbate is posting the Cam_Girlfriend episodes on YouTube, under the Camming Life channel. The show comes to us from Canadian filmmakers Ethan Cole and Daniel AM Rosenberg, who came up with the idea for the show and pitched it to Chaturbate in an effort to get some more insight into the camming lifestyle. In addition, the new series benefits from the massive marketing that the adult site can put behind it, which helps out quite a bit. The two had this to say in a statement.

“We felt camming was a fascinating world rich with comedic material for us to explore. It’s a place where so much more than just sex happens – friendships are formed, art is expressed, and hilarity occurs daily.”

From looking at the first episode of Cam_Girlfriend

, we see some of that hilarity play out. Even learning about a cam girl’s wish list was pretty eye opening and it’s easy to see where the comedy can come into play on a daily basis for some of these women. Often sex work isn’t highlighted on the big or small screen, and when it is, it’s more of a dark and cautionary tale, like HBO’s The Deuce. Cam_Girlfriend and Chaturbate are going for a different angle in their approach. As of this writing, the first episode has nearly 25,000 views in less than 4 days.

The synopsis for the first episode almost plays out like an alternate reality universe of Seinfeld or what could easily be a current episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. In the episode, Chloe and Mike cover-up their tracks after they devise a scheme to use Chloe’s camming registry to start paying for their friends’ wedding presents. The situation comes to a brew after an expensive espresso machine is purchased. Larry David could have written this story and nobody would even know. Chaturbate might want to get him on the phone for some more ideas.

On paper, one wouldn’t expect a scripted TV show from Chaturbate to generate a whole lot of interest. However, the performances of Lily LaBeau and Dave Keystone, paired with the storytelling of Ethan Cole and Daniel AM Rosenberg, makes for a pretty entertaining start of the series. You can check out the very first episode of the series above, thanks to the Camming Life YouTube channel. The episode is Safe for Work in terms of visuals, but the language might keep you from watching around coworkers.

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