Carl Reiner Remembered as Family and Friends Pay Tribute to Comedy Pioneer (SFVS)

Carl Reiner Remembered as Family and Friends Pay Tribute to Comedy Pioneer

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Creator of The Dick Van Dyke Show and comedic legend, Carl Reiner passed away at the age of 98. Reiner died of natural causes. The actor, writer, producer, comedian and director leaves behind a momentous legacy that spans more than six decades in the industry. Now, Hollywood has taken to social media to pay tribute to the late icon.

Rob Reiner, Carl’s son, took to Twitter to pay tribute to his father. Rob went on to have an impressive career himself, directing movies such as The Princess Bride, This is Spinal Tap and Stand By Me. Rob Reiner also starred in All in the Family, The Wolf of Wall Street, Sleepless in Seattle and New Girl. Here’s what Reiner had to say about dad Carl Reiner.

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“Last night my dad passed away. As I write this my heart is hurting. He was my guiding light.”

Aside from his on-screen work, Carl Reiner was also an accomplished director. Some of his credits include The Jerk, All of Me, The Man With Two Brains and Oh, God! One of Reiner’s most famous acting roles was as Saul Bloom in the Ocean’s movies, starting with Ocean’s Eleven in 2001. His co-star George Clooney had this to say in a statement.

“Carl Reiner made every room he walked into funnier, smarter, kinder. It all seemed so effortless. What an incredible gift he gave us all. His was a life well lived and we’re all the better for it. Rest in peace my friend.”

Mel Brooks also collaborated with Carl Reiner, and their comedic partnership is the stuff of legend. The two got their start together on Your Show of Shows in the 1950s. They also collaborated on The 2000-Year-Old Man, a famous comedy bit about a reporter interviewing a man who is 2000 years old. Brooks and Reiner remained close friends until his passing. Another one of Reiner’s friends, MASH star Alan Alda, also took to Twitter to pay tribute, saying the following.

“My friend Carl Reiner died last night. His talent will live on for a long time, but the loss of his kindness and decency leaves a hole in our hearts. We love you, Carl.”

Carl Reiner remained busy during his later years. Reiner did a great deal of voice work on shows like Father of the Pride, The Cleveland Show and Family Guy. One Of Reiner’s final roles was as Carl Reineroceros in last year’s Toy Story 4. Reiner also reprised the role for an episode of Forky Asks a Question on Disney+. We have collected a number of tributes from Twitter for you to check out below. This news was previously reported by Variety.

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