Sadak 2: Alia Bhatt – Aditya Roy Kapur Starrer to have an OTT Release; Twitterati Trend #BoycottSadak2 and Demand Ban on Nepotism (SFVS)

Sadak 2: Alia Bhatt – Aditya Roy Kapur Starrer to have an OTT Release; Twitterati Trend #BoycottSadak2 and Demand Ban on Nepotism

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Surviving in the city of dreams, Mumbai is not a cakewalk. It requires some financial back-up and ofcourse regular flow of money to keep one’s life wheel going. And thanks to the coronavirus, situation in the country is not at all strong. Taking on the same lines, it’s the entertainment industry which has suffered a great loss due to the shootings almost shut for three months. Well, it was while ago when we had reported how Aamir Khan’s Ghulman film co-star, Javed Hyder is earning his livelihood by selling vegetables. And here comes another news of a television star namely Karan Khandelwal, who has left the city and returned to his hometown in Kerala due to financial problems. Shardool Kunal Pandit Moves Base To Hometown Indore, Reveals Depression, Lack of Acting Projects and Monetary Concerns as The Reason. 

Known for his roles in Saath Nibhana Saathiya and Siddhi Vinayak, Karan in his conversion with TOI revealed how it was getting tougher for him everyday to get daily essentials due to the rising surge in COVID-19 cases in his area and also highlighted he was struggling with finances.

“Mumbai is one of the majorly affected cities in the country. There was a surge in Covid-19 cases around my area. I couldn’t even arrange food and other necessities for myself. Plus, it was getting difficult to meet other expenses as well,” he told the portal. Late Actor Manmeet Grewal’s Wife Confirms He Was In Depression Over Non-Payment of Dues and Loans (Details Inside). 

Karan also expressed how he opted to drove back to his hometown Kerala instead of taking the flight. “I had been living in Mumbai for several years, but the current situation forced me to leave the city and drive back to my hometown. I drove my car for almost 1,400 kms to reach home”, he said.

When he was quizzed about the financial woe. He answered, “My family has been helping me with finances. Before the lockdown, I had shot for a web show and they immediately cleared my payment, which was helpful. But apart from that, I have many other pending dues from other projects. Now, even if I join a new show, I won’t get the payment for a couple of months. So, it was a better option to return home.”

For the unversed, this is not the first time a television actor has left the city. As earlier, Shardool Kunal Pandit and Rajesh Kareer had moved to their hometown after less or no work amid the coronavirus lockdown. Stay tuned!

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