The Dark Crystal Bestiary Book Serves as the Definitive Guide to the Creatures of Thra (SFVS)

The Dark Crystal Bestiary Book Serves as the Definitive Guide to the Creatures of Thra

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In a world where rocks talk and trees dispense wisdom from across the ages, anything is possible. The Dark Crystal Bestiary is a comprehensive volume catalogs the many lifeforms of Thra’s unique ecosystem, from the vile Skeksis and their noble counterparts, the Mystics, to a whole cornucopia of amazing creatures and critters, including Landstriders, Garthim, Peeper Beetles, Fizzgigs, Pluff’m, and many more fan favorites.

Drawing from all aspects of The Dark Crystal saga’s universe, including the hit Netflix show The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, this book features all-new illustrations by Iris Compiet, a protégé of the original Dark Crystal concept artist, Brian Froud.

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Visually dazzling and filled with enthralling information about all of Thra’s lifeforms, The Dark Crystal Bestiary is the definitive guide to this world of wonders.

Illustrator Iris Compiet is an award-winning artist from the Netherlands. She has worked for a wide range of international clients and contributed to gallery shows and art annuals. She is also the creator of the book Faeries of the Faultlines

. Drawing inspiration from European folklore, mythology, fairy tales, and the world around her, she strives to open a gateway to the imagination to ignite it even further.

Adam Cesare is the writer of “Clown in a Cornfield,” “Video Night,” and several other spooky books. His comics work includes Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance from BOOM! Studios. He lives in Philadelphia.

For more than thirty years, Brian Froud’s significant accomplishments have defined a genre and spanned every aspect of modern media. Froud has sold over eight million books worldwide, designed two award-winning, landmark feature films (The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth), and won numerous international awards, including the Hugo Award for Best Original Artwork.

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The Dark Crystal Bestiary
The Dark Crystal Bestiary - Landstrider
The Dark Crystal Bestiary - Nurloc
The Dark Crystal Bestiary - Skeklach the Collector & urSen The Monk
The Dark Crystal Bestiary - Skeksil the Chamberlain & Ursol the Chanter
The Dark Crystal Bestiary - Solobe & Howerfroc
The Dark Crystal Bestiary - The Gelfling

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