Kathy Bates Birthday: From Titanic to Misery – Here’s Looking At the American Actress’ Best Films (SFVS)

Kathy Bates Birthday: From Titanic to Misery – Here’s Looking At the American Actress’ Best Films

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Aanand L Rai turns 49 today. The filmmaker is the ultimate story of an engineer turned artist. We can’t thank Indian engineering colleges for giving us some of the best artists ever. Well, the director failed to show his calibre in the beginning. But, as they say, fall twice, get up thrice. Rai found his footing with his third film that put him on the map. “As a filmmaker, I consider it my privilege to have a medium of expression that can reach so many people with my thoughts and if presented well, I know that people will embrace it too,” Aanand has said in an interview. People did embrace him, starting from Tanu Weds Manu.

Today, on the filmmaker’s birthday, we are going to list all of the films directed by him in the order of worst to best.

Thodi Life Thoda Magic

You won’t even believe that this film has been made by Aanand L Rai. Directors have a visual or storytelling style. This weird film defies all that is Aanand L Rai.


Based on Alfred Hitchcock’s Stranger On A Train, this movie is also very non-Aanand L Rai, to say the least. The star cast is pretty good and the story is also intriguing. But maybe debutant film director Aanand L Rai was still trying to realise the stories he truly wants to tell.

Tanu Weds Manu Returns

It gets really tough to rank the filmography from here. The remaining movies are pretty good. And, this sequel to Tanu Weds Manu is very entertaining. But more than the story or the direction, it is Kangana Ranaut’s flawless performances that will impress you. The more you watch the film, the more you will spot the flaws in the story and logic. But still pretty charming and entertaining.


Let us get this out of the way first – the movie is problematic. The socio-political commentary blended with a romance is entertaining to watch. Songs are brilliant. Rai gets the UP flavour on point. But to present a stalker as a hero can be questionable. 7 Years of Raanjhanaa: Aanand L Rai Cherishes How People Today Still Listen to the Film’s Music with Love.


Again jokes in the film are questionable. Especially the ones on disability. The story is flimsy. You need a suspension of disbelief to enjoy this one. But we are keeping it so high on the list because of two reasons. One, the star cast has done a good job with their acting. Even Katrina Kaif has acted her heart out. Shah Rukh Khan has played a dwarf in the film. Two, the movie is a visual spectacle with pathbreaking VFX. With the flawless CGI, the movie has even left behind Hollywood movies. A  giant leap in the right direction.

Tanu Weds Manu

The most pragmatic and simple film in Aanand L Rai’s filmography. The movie features Kangana Ranaut and R Madhavan playing a very odd couple. Love finds a way in this opposites-attract love story. Some heartbreaking dialogues and hilarious scenes will keep you entertained throughout. Rai has executed the film well.

In the future, Aanand L Rai will be directing Dhanush, once again, opposite Sara Ali Khan in Atrangi Re. The movie will also feature Akshay Kumar in a special role. We are looking forward to this one.


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