The Simpsons Will No Longer Have White Actors Voice Non-White Characters On the Show (SFVS)

The Simpsons Will No Longer Have White Actors Voice Non-White Characters On the Show

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Parambrata Chattopadhyay or Chatterjee became a heartthrob in 2012 all over India when Kahaani released. They just couldn’t get over the sweet-natured, cute cop from the film who was Vidya Bagchi’s constant companion in her search for her husband. With his debut Hindi film, he had ensnared everyone. But this man had proved his acting prowess long back in the Bengali film industry. By the time, Kahaani happened he was already one of the most loved actors in the regional space. Parambrata to Direct Soumitra Chatterjee Biopic

Recently, you saw Parambrata as Dr. Sudeep in Anushka Sharma produced Netflix original Bulbbul. Yet again people have started raving about his skills because whatever may be the quality or length of a role is, if you are as talented as Param (as he is fondly called), you are bound to shine. That’s why we thought we will take you on a tour of the actor’s Bengali movies that gives much due to his craft.

Apur Panchali (2014)

Have you ever wondered where is the kid who became a sensation after playing Apu in Satyajit Ray’s World-class epic Pather Panchali? This movie attempted to explore the life that the boy, a has-been star who never acted in any other movie. Parambrata played a younger Apu going through life’s many struggles despite being part of a history-making movie. He powers the role with a controlled and restrained performance with deep anger simmering beneath him. What a movie!

Chatushkone (2014)

Parambrata plays Joy who comes across as an under-confident young filmmaker but has sinister intentions. It was so refreshing to watch him in such a role which isn’t a typical good boy role or a tragedy-ridden one. He goes from this well-behaved rational person to a cold and cunning bad man seamlessly.

Baishey Srabon (2011)

Baishey Srabon was a success but it was slammed by many critics for not getting the thriller bit right. But Parambrata’s naive Abhi was a perfect balm around a very out-there, celebrated and bitter Probir played by Prosenjit Chatterjee. The investigation around the serial killer wouldn’t have been half as interesting without the contrasting dynamics of these two cops.

Dwityo Purush (2020)

A sequel to Baishey Srabon, Dwityo Purush is more of an Anirban Bhattacharya movie with his eccentric killer frame and that hairstyle. But Parambrata’s calmness in the face of the storm both professionally and personally, saves the film from going out of hand at times. Guess that’s what a good actor does.

Cinemawale (2016)

He is an errant son who rebels against his own father’s ideals about cinema and single-screen theatres. His angst towards his father’s insistence on being stuck in the golden age of Bengali cinema has been portrayed beautifully by the actor.

Samantaral (2017)

You would want to think like Parambrata’s character in the film. The moment he closes his eyes he forgets about all the perils of his life and leads a parallel life. He plays a transgender in the film who is locked up in his room in the terrace by his own family but he looks at life with so much ease. Tears are confirmed so please keep a box of tissues handy.

Hawa Bodol (2013)

This was Parambrata’s second directorial after Jiyo Kaka and a comedy. Hawa Bodol shows he can be wicked too. It’s a soul-switching twist that leads to disastrous yet hilarious consequences. He plays a man who has the laurels and riches in life but feels trapped. He has a lovely wife and a prosperous life but he longs to be free or be him. That tussle is beautifully depicted by him in the film.


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