Shri Khatu Shyam Festival (Baba Khatu Shyam ) Rajasthan

Shri Khatu Shyam festival is celebrated on Shukal Ekadsi of Falgun month every year with great pomp and show. According to Hinduism Barbarik, grandson of Great Bhima is famous as Baba Khatu Shyam mainly in Haryana and Rajasthan. Lord Krishna blessed him that he would be worshiped as Shri Shyam in Kalyuga. He has so many names like ‘Hare Ka Sahara’,’Leela ke Aswaar’,’Sheesh ke Dani’, ‘Khatu Naresh’, etc. We can enjoy this fair of Baba Khatu Shyam from 5th March to 9th March this year. Here I want to tell you about the place of Baba Shyam, It is in Rajasthan State, in Sikar district. There you will see a very beautiful temple of Lord Shyama. Millions of devotee comes here every year to worship Baba Shyam, they worship Baba Shyam from the core of their heart to fulfil their wishes. Baba Shyam fullfils their wishes so they come here again and again. Due to this popularity of this divine place is increasing day by day. You can see extreme love, affection and trust of devotees of Baba Shyam. There is no doubt they walk on their foot from many-many kilometers but you won’t see any kind of lines of tiredness on their face.Baba Shyam gives power all his devotees to complete this troublesome journey. They complete this journey with the slogans of Baba Shyam. Here I want to tell you some of them….

“Ek,Do,Teen,Chaar, Baba thari Jai Jaikar”
“Bol Shyam Pyare ki Jai”
“Bol Khatu Naresh ki jai”
“Hare ka Shara, Baba Shyam Hamara”
“Bhakt jb bhi bulate hain, Shyam dhode chale aate hain”
Some precuations if you have decided to visit the fair….

DJ is not allowed there so don’t go with DJ.

You are not allowed to enter in the temple if you want to carry any bag with you, so you must keep it out of the temple or leave it at home.

If you are going with your family or children please make a slip of your Address and Phone no. and put it in the pocket of your child. If something bad happens with you and you miss your child somewhere it will help your child to find you.

Alchohal is completely prohibited in this divine place. So, stay away from this and enjoy this festival.

I wish Baba Khatu Shyam will fullfil all of your wishes.

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