Mother Teresa – Biographi

Mother Terresa, an ordinary nun did extraordinary work to the mankind. She won the most prestigious the Nobel Prize of the world and The Bharat Ratna of India. By birth she was not Indian but she spent most of her life in India. She was born in Albaniya a small country of Southeastern Europe. When she was only eight years old her father died. She was fascinated by the stories of the lives of missonaries. In 1929, she came in India and adopted the name ‘Teresa. She taught approximately 20 years a convent school of Kolkata. When she was in Kolkata she felt that the poor were suffering there. In 1946 she came Darjeeling by train and here she started serving the poor. Here she wore a simple white sari and give up the dress of a nun. She got the Indian citizenship and took part in the basic medical training. After completing her training she went in the slums and helped the sick, poor and hungry people. Mother was added before her name by an organisation named The Missionaries of Charity. This organisation helped the poor, sick,hungry,disabled and homeless people. For the poor she opened so many free hospitals, for orphans she made a number of orphanage. She sacrificed her whole life for the betterment of the poor and helpless people. She won so many awards for her great deeds from all over the world. People of the whole world know her as ‘Mother’ Terresa. She was died in Kolkata on 5th Sep. 1997. She firmly believed that service of the poor and needy is equal to the worship of the God and it is the best way to worship God. She taught the lesson of peace, harmony and hope to everyone. So, we should follow her life style and serve the poor and needy selflessly.

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