Know what has changed from Article 370 to Jammu and Kashmir

Article 370 has been eliminated from Jammu and Kashmir, and since then many people have been raising the question of what changes will take place after its end (Changes After Article 370 Remove From Jammu And Kashmir) . It will also change the rights of people living outside Jammu and Kashmir. Let us know what it means to withdraw Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir.

The BJP government has stripped the state of special state from Jammu and Kashmir. Now the state has been included in the list of Union Territories. First of all, we know what is Article 370 (Changes After Article 370 Remove From Jammu And Kashmir). In 1951, the state was allowed to convene the Constituent Assembly separately. In November 1956, the constitution of the state was completed. On January 26, 1957, a special constitution was implemented in the state.

What is Article 370

Article 370 (Article 370) gives special powers to Jammu and Kashmir. Accordingly, the Indian Parliament can make laws only for three areas – defense, foreign affairs and communication – in the case of Jammu and Kashmir. In addition to implementing any law, the central government needs state government approval.

Changes After Article 370 Remove From Jammu And Kashmir

As soon as Article 370 was removed, all the rules of the Indian Constitution were there now, before Kashmir was a separate constitution.

The Center had to get the consent of the state government to implement the law on different subjects.

Urban Land Act (1976) also did not apply to Jammu and Kashmir, but now a person outside the state can buy land there too.

All national symbols of India will also be valid for Kashmir, if someone insults them there, they will be punished.

The Jammu and Kashmir Assembly’s term was 6 years, which is now five years old.

Sharia law was applicable to women in Jammu and Kashmir, the changes in the world would change now.

If a Kashmiri woman marries a man from Pakistan, her husband would also get the citizenship of Jammu and Kashmir, but now it will not happen. Because all the laws of India will be applicable there now.

The flag of Jammu and Kashmir was different, but now even the tricolor flag will be flown there.

Dual citizenship to the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir will also end now.

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