PUBG छोड़ो Indian Airforce का Game खेलो Mobile Game on 31st July

Who does not know about PUBG Mobile Games? This game is played or played by someone, but it is definitely know about it. This game is so prevalent on the heads of the people that they forget to eat and drink after this and they constantly enter the game for several hours. This game has also become the cause of death of many people. Because of all this, this game was banned in Gujarat, though it was later withdrawn. Now Indian Air Force has dropped its mobile game in a bid to compete in the PUBG game.

Yes Yes, Indian Air Force (IAF) has launched a very spectacular game which will now prove to be a tough challenge for PB. The IAF has named its game ‘Indian Air Force: A Cut Above’. The purpose of the Indian Air Force in preparing this game is to motivate Indian youth to join Air Phar.

Air Force Chief Air Marshal BS Dhanoa launched this game of Air Force. There are several modes in this game. Mods like training, single player and free flight have been given. The information about the Indian Air Force was also given in the game’s interface.

This game of Indian Air Force has been made available for both Android and iOS platforms. This game of Indian Air Force can download Android users from Google Play Store for free. There are 10 different missions in this game which the users complete. Apart from this, different storylines are also given in this game.

In this game, many types of fighters such as fighters, transport and helicopters have been given, with the help of which the players complete their mission. In this game, targeting targets of enemy targets is destroyed. At present, the game is run on the single player, and later it will also provide multi-player options.

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